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Gun owners in New Mexico openly carry firearms, defying the ‘tyrannical’ Democrat governor.

Hundreds‍ of Gun Owners Defy Governor’s Order, Rally in Albuquerque

Over the ​weekend, gun owners ⁤in Albuquerque took to the streets to openly carry their firearms in defiance of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s decision ⁢to suspend open and concealed carry laws in ⁢the area.⁣ Grisham, a Democrat, signed an executive⁤ order declaring gun violence a public health emergency and suspended ⁣carry laws for at ⁣least 30 days.

During a⁤ press conference, Grisham admitted that her order might face legal challenges and acknowledged that criminals would not follow it. The⁣ backlash against her controversial order was so intense that even far-left anti-gun activist David⁣ Hogg pushed back on it.

Gun owners​ gathered in Old Town Albuquerque on Sunday to protest the‍ order by openly carrying firearms, including rarely seen semi-automatic rifles. Despite the penalties of up to $5,000 for violators, ⁤law ‍enforcement officials did not enforce‍ Grisham’s order.

“Why I’m here is the people’s voice needs to be​ heard, those on the ground dealing with these situations need to be heard,” one protester told KRQE. Another protester stated, “This governor has⁤ overstepped her bounds, ⁤twice now, big time, with squashing our constitutional rights, and it’s time for⁤ it to‌ stop.” A third demonstrator added, “We are a beacon of hope because we actually‌ protect individual freedoms.”

Republican⁢ state Representatives Stefani Lord and John Block called for Grisham’s impeachment, stating that her order was an attempt to impose a radical, progressive ‌agenda on unwilling citizens. Lord emphasized that the order‌ would not prevent criminals from⁢ carrying or using weapons, leaving law-abiding New Mexicans defenseless. Block also argued ‌that there is no exception to the U.S. Constitution for a state ⁢public health emergency.

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