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Greta Thunberg accused of anti-Semitism, chanting ‘Crush Zionism’: Report

Greta Thunberg Caught on Video Going ⁤Full Anti-Semite, Chanting ‘Crush⁣ Zionism’: Report

When it comes‌ to leftist extremists, Greta Thunberg keeps getting clearer.

The 20-year-old Swedish agitator and poster girl for perpetually adolescent progressives hasn’t been shy about grabbing headlines since bursting onto the world scene in her mid-teens.

First, she was ⁣anti-fossil ⁢fuels. Then she was anti-capitalism. ⁤Now, according to a report coming out of Stockholm, she’s a virulent ​anti-Semite, too.

In a way it’s fitting that⁤ the world’s newest cause of fearmongering is coalescing with the world’s oldest racial hatred: Both are grounded​ in irrational emotion. ​Both⁣ claim to be ​operating for the good of humanity.

And both are inherently evil.

According to⁤ a social media post published by the Svenska Epoch Times (Swedish Epoch Times), Thunberg was part​ of a raucous crowd that gathered last week outside the ⁤Israeli Embassy in the Swedish capital, chanting⁣ “krossa sionismen” ‍— “crush Zionism.”

The outlet also reported that Thunbererg‍ attended another rally denouncing Israel​ in Stockholm‌ last week — this one on Wednesday.

To be fair, there’s only the Svenska Epoch Times report that Thunberg is the woman in the “crush Zionism” video.

The normally media-magnetic Thunberg apparently wasn’t a headliner at the‍ event — unlike her usual, hectoring public appearances. She ​also hasn’t⁢ been ‌written up for it by her slavishly adoring fans in the press.

And there’s been neither a confirmation nor a denial from ⁢the Thunberg camp nor her millions of social​ media-savvy acolytes.‍ But her⁤ recent actions make it not ⁣only well⁢ within the ⁢realm of possibility but downright likely.

Two weeks after ‌the barbarous massacre in southern Israel by Hamas‌ terrorist marauders, with plenty of time to digest the ⁤news about⁢ the slaughtered ‍civilians, the innocent ‌women ‌and children taken hostage, the⁣ women raped, ‍Thunberg ‌decided ⁤to ‌add to her political portfolio not by supporting ‌Israel, not⁢ even ‌by issuing ⁤a carefully worded message deploring the deaths on both sides.

No, young⁣ Greta went⁤ full bore for the cause of the Palestinian terrorists, even linking it to her own trademark ‌“climate change” brand ⁤by declaring that “today we ⁤strike in solidarity‍ with Palestine and Gaza.”

For good measure, she held a sign stating “Stand with ⁣Gaza,” to⁤ make the point, ‍along⁢ with three other‍ young women holding similar signs.

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A post shared by Greta Thunberg (@gretathunberg)

So, we know pretty clearly whose side Ms. Thunberg is taking in the war between the civilization of Israel and the barbarism of‌ Hamas: The barbarians’ side, naturally.

We also know pretty well how the charming Greta feels about the state of Israel. At a Nov. 12 climate ⁢demonstration that she turned into a pro-Palestinian⁣ rally, she chanted, “No climate‌ justice on occupied land.” Since Gaza is not ​“occupied”⁢ by Israel ​and hasn’t been since 2005, the logical conclusion is that she’s talking about the rest of the land that ⁣makes up the Jewish state.

(The fact that⁢ the ⁣rally included the⁤ now-standard anti-Semitic ⁤chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” bears this out.)

So, let’s posit that the video does in ⁢fact⁤ show Thunberg joining what amounts to a murderous chant outside the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm.

It’s ​not at ​all ​shocking ‌that the extreme ​leftism of the climate doomsayers would match up‍ seamlessly with ​the anti-Semitism of the modern left.

The most savagely anti-Semitic ‍regime of the 20th century was, of course,‍ Nazi Germany⁣ —⁣ a government wrongly considered right-wing when ‍the word “socialism” part of the Nazi Party’s official name.

Hitler even made⁢ common cause⁢ with the Islamists of ​his day.

That’s followed by the Soviet Union — the communist ​regime that turned Russia and Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain into an open-air prison for its own people — but especially the Jews.

The Soviet Union also supported Palestinian terrorism during the Cold War ⁢while​ the⁣ United⁢ States‍ has been a firm‌ friend of Israel.

The Nazis and the Soviets have deservedly been left in the dustbin of history — the first ‌by losing a world war, the second ⁣by losing a ⁣Cold‌ War, but the leftist baton has been passed.

The totalitarianism the Soviets⁤ and⁤ the Nazis sought to achieve by force is ⁤still‌ being pursued, now under the guise of climate alarmism.

Then⁤ as now, the totalitarians are leftist. Then, as now, ⁤the totalitarians hate Jews.

Greta Thunberg is⁤ the leftists’ champion now.‍ But she, and they, are headed for the dustbin of history, too.

The young woman’s fascist priorities have been clear ⁣for some time now, but they keep getting‍ clearer all the time.

Her followers have to know that, ⁢too.

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The⁢ post Greta ‌Thunberg Caught on Video Going Full Anti-Semite, Chanting ‘Crush⁢ Zionism’: Report appeared ⁢first on The Western Journal.

What measures should be ​taken to address and‍ combat​ anti-Semitism​ within left-wing extremist movements, in order to ⁢prevent ‍the normalization of this dangerous ⁣ideology

History’s dustbin, but their ideological legacies⁤ live on in today’s left-wing extremists. And it seems ⁣that Greta Thunberg has succumbed to ⁢the allure of this dangerous ideology.

The recent video showing Thunberg chanting “crush Zionism” outside​ the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm is deeply disturbing. It is a blatant display of anti-Semitism, aligning herself with a movement⁤ that seeks ⁣to delegitimize and destroy‌ the state of Israel.

Thunberg’s support for the⁢ Palestinian‌ cause is not surprising‍ given her previous remarks and actions.‌ She has repeatedly used her ‌platform to condemn Israel and express solidarity with Gaza. By doing so, she perpetuates the false narrative that Israel ⁣is an occupying force and denies its right to ⁤exist.

What is particularly concerning is that Thunberg’s anti-Semitism ⁢is not receiving ⁢the same level of scrutiny and condemnation as her other controversial statements. ⁣The media, which typically‍ covers her every move, has been noticeably silent on this issue. Her fans⁢ and followers on social media have not demanded an explanation or held her accountable for her actions.

This silence and lack of accountability only embolden Thunberg and others like her to continue promoting a hateful and dangerous⁣ ideology.⁢ By normalizing anti-Semitism, we are paving ‌the way‌ for more discrimination and persecution against Jewish people.

It is important to recognize that anti-Semitism is not just a right-wing ⁢problem. It ⁤can‌ and does exist on the extreme left ⁣as well. It is a form of bigotry that transcends political boundaries and ⁢must be confronted wherever it arises.

As individuals and as ‍a ⁢society, we must condemn all forms of anti-Semitism, including those‌ espoused by influential figures⁢ like Greta Thunberg. ⁤We cannot allow hatred and prejudice to divide us or ⁤dictate our actions.

Greta Thunberg’s anti-Semitic chants should serve as a wake-up call. It is a⁤ stark reminder ⁢that​ even those who claim to⁢ fight⁢ for justice and equality can succumb to hate and extremism. We ⁤must remain vigilant‌ and actively denounce any ⁤form of discrimination, regardless ‍of who ‍perpetuates⁣ it.

In conclusion, Greta Thunberg’s involvement in chanting “crush Zionism” outside the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm is deeply troubling. It exposes a ‌darker side to her activism and reveals an alignment with anti-Semitic ideologies. We cannot turn a blind eye to⁢ this form of hatred and must stand united ⁤in condemning all forms of anti-Semitism.

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