Great Wall of China suffers severe damage.

A‍ general view of the‌ Great Wall on December ‍3, 2006 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Guang Niu/Getty Images)

OAN’s Roy Francis
10:59 AM – Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Two​ people were arrested⁤ in Northern China after allegedly damaging ⁢a section of China’s Great Wall‌ with an excavator⁣ by cutting⁤ a huge gap in the structure.


On August 24th, police in China’s northwest Youyu County received reports that a gap had been dug in a section ​of the wall known as the 32nd Great Wall. The particular section dates⁣ back to the Ming Dynasty that‌ ruled China‍ for around 300 years until the mid-1640s.

Police explained that two construction workers, a 38-year-old man ⁢and a ​55-year-old⁢ woman, had used an excavator to widen a gap in the wall in order to create a shortcut to save ⁣time getting to their work site and ⁣not have to go around ‌the wall.

“Excavators were used to excavate the original gap of the ancient Great​ Wall⁣ into ​a‌ large gap, so ⁢that the excavator could pass through the gap, which caused irreversible damage to the integrity of the Ming Great Wall and the safety of cultural relics,” the police statement said.

According ​to authorities, the section ⁤of‍ the wall that was damaged is‌ know for its “majestic and vast ancient ‍frontier style,” and it‌ also​ holds important research value, and has ​certain important protections over it.

The Great Wall was built beginning ​in 220 BC ​under ⁣China’s first​ emperor, Qin​ Shi Huang. The wall ​was built in sections​ and eventually all ‍joined together. It was then rebuilt at various periods throughout history. In 1987, the⁣ Great Wall was also​ listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In recent years, about 30% of ‍the Great Wall has disappeared due ⁤to ​deterioration and human⁤ activity. ‌Due to the damages to the wall, the Chinese government has stepped up efforts to preserve and protect the‍ structure.

According to authorities, the two construction workers remain in custody while‍ the investigation into the damages made to the wall is carried out.

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