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‘Grease’ TV Prequel Series Examines Sexual Orientation, Gender Expression While Characters Sing About White Supremacy

The TV series “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies,” a prequel to the classic 1978 film “Grease,” will reportedly explore topics like gender expression, sexual orientation, and racism

The new series is also set at Rydell High, but the new version includes a new mix of students, including many ethnicities and some who identify as LGBTQ. Per a report from The Daily Mail, the new version will include classic songs alongside new songs, including one focused on racism.

Four adult students struggle to start a music collection in the original version. According to the issue, Danny and Sandy don’t start school until four years have passed since these incidents.

However, despite the new developments, there are references to the main in” Rise of the Pink Ladies.” According to The Daily Mail, Ari Notartomaso, who identifies as” non-binary ,” is leading the way in the reimagining of the classic” Greased Lightning” music number as Cynthia.

Participating in the project, Notartomaso remarked that” Queerness, female deviance, and transness throughout time haven’t always been exactly the same.” It is truly unique to be able to describe what life might have been like in the 1950s, even though we are all products of the community in which we live.

Casting director Conrad Woolfe said he was convinced Notartomaso had the right “butch energy” for the role as he was looking for “someone who was openly queer, openly LGBTQ” to play Cynthia, per an interview with Variety.

Discrimination at Rydell High will reportedly be the subject of the next season. The lyrics to the lessons,” When you’re in’re the club, we’ve got’ve each other’s backs’s ,” will be set to music. Providing you aren’t on the right side of them, whether you’re Jewish’re, Asian, brown, black, simple, or lesbian.

The Guardian referred to the series as” the reboot no one asked for ,” and even some Left-leaning outlets aren’t impressed by it.


They continued by saying that it had” subpar musical figures and standard-grade streaming TV bloat” with” a lot of also vigorous dancing, some cringe-y and underbaked imaginary patterns, and several forgettable tunes per part.”

The USA Today reviewer remarked that” Pink Ladies is such a mighty morass of bad ideas that it’s hard’s to keep it all straight.” ” The show is completely lacking in substance behind all the over-exaggerated layout, despite each show being overloaded with characters, bad musical numbers, and prosaic discourse.”

On April 6, the show debuted on Paramount +.

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