Grammy CEO clarifies stance on AI-made songs for awards.

Grammy CEO Clarifies Eligibility of AI-Generated Song for Award

Grammy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. issued ‌a clarification on Thursday to a⁢ statement he made to The New York Times about whether a viral AI-generated song, made to sound like⁢ Drake and The Weeknd, was “absolutely eligible” for an award.

The Grammy Awards,⁢ Recording Academy chief initially was asked by the NYT if the song “Heart on My Sleeve,” which was created by an anonymous artist known as Ghostwriter, would be ‌up for consideration in next ⁣year’s competition after the artist’s‍ team said they had submitted the song in two categories⁤ for the⁢ 2024 awards, best rap song and song of the year, according to The‌ Hollywood‍ Reporter.

Mason told the NYT, “As far ‌as the creative​ side, it’s absolutely eligible because it⁤ was written by⁤ a human.”

A backlash ensued against ‍him and the CEO went on⁢ social media ⁤to clarify earlier⁤ comments.

“I’m sorry, but ⁢I have to ⁣clear up some of this⁣ bad and really inaccurate information that’s starting to float around,” Mason said in a video. “This version of ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ using the ​AI voice‍ modeling, that sounds like Drake and​ The Weeknd, it’s not eligible for Grammy consideration.”

“Let me be extra,⁣ extra⁣ clear, ⁢even though it was written by a human creator, the vocals were not legally obtained, the vocals were not cleared by the label or the artists and the song is not commercially available and because of that, it’s ​not eligible,” ⁤he added.

“I take this [AI] stuff very seriously,” Mason continued. “It’s all complicated, and it’s moving, really, really quickly. I’m sure things are ​going⁣ to continue to have to evolve and ‍change. ⁤But please, please, do not be confused. The Academy is here to support and advocate and protect and represent human artists, and human creators period.”


In July, Mason Jr. told Variety that the Recording Academy would not “be giving a nomination or an award to an AI computer or someone who just prompted AI.”

“That’s the distinction that we’re trying to ⁢make,” he⁢ added. “It’s ⁣the human award highlighting ⁢excellence, driven by human creativity.”

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