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Graham predicts Israel-Saudi Arabia peace deal will occur.

South Carolina ⁢GOP ‍Senator Lindsey Graham: Peace Deal Between Israel and Saudi Arabia Still Possible

South Carolina GOP ⁢Senator Lindsey Graham asserted that the nascent peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which had looked imminent⁤ in the days before Iran’s proxy Hamas attacked Israel, still looks like it will come to fruition.

Graham appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” with host‌ Kristen Welker,⁣ who noted, “So you’ve just gotten off‍ of the phone with Israeli ⁤and Saudi officials.⁢ You have new information. What can you tell us?”

“I will ⁢be ​going ⁤to Saudi Arabia ⁣and Israel in the coming days with a group ⁢of senators,” Graham announced. “The drive to peace and normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel continues. There’s a desire ⁤by both parties to move ‍forward in this effort to normalize relationships.”

“Israel is talking about humanitarian aid. They’re going to turn the water⁤ on in the South. They’re ‌urging the Egyptians ​to let people from ⁣Gaza go into the Sinai,” Graham continued. “To our friends in Israel, you need the time and space to destroy Hamas.‍ All Palestinians are not the same. If Hamas is destroyed, Israel is safer, and the​ pathway to peace between the Palestinians and the world gets wider. So I start this morning somewhat optimistic that Iran’s goal⁢ to destroy the ⁢peace process between Israel and Saudi Arabia will fail.”

“I’ve ‍never felt better ‍about the drive to‌ peace by Saudi, Israel, and the United⁤ States shall continue,” Graham declared. “We need to ⁣change the world as it is. Nothing would change the world for the⁤ better more than Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United ⁢States to form agreements to end the Arab/Israeli conflict as ⁣we know it.”


Graham pointed out, “Israel is trying to find a safe place for Gaza residents. Hamas is trying to stop them‍ from leaving. Israel is trying to encourage them to leave. Our friends in‌ Egypt, you have ⁢it in your power to give Gaza residents a safe place. ‍This⁤ will be a World-War-Two-type operation, where you go in and destroy the regime, Hamas, and⁢ over ⁤time, replace it with something else, like we did Germany and Japan. But the Israelis do not want to‌ kill innocent people. They’re going to turn the water on. Every death going forward I ⁤blame on Hamas, ​not Israel.”

On the same program, Welker asked National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan if talks between Israel ⁤and⁣ Saudi Arabia were “off for ‍now.”

“Actually, Secretary​ [of State] Blinken was just in Saudi Arabia, just had the opportunity to ⁤see the crown prince and other senior officials in that government as part of a region-wide tour where he’s been ‌talking to the⁤ leaders of all or many of the major Middle Eastern countries,” Sullivan answered. “For the moment, the focus has to be on⁤ helping Israel defend itself against the brutal terrorism of Hamas. And we will have opportunities as we go⁤ forward to look at diplomatic initiatives like‍ normalization that⁣ help lead to a long-term more ‌stable, more integrated region.”

What positive developments have been observed in the efforts to normalize relationships between Israel and ⁤Saudi Arabia?

About the possibility of a peace deal between Israel and⁤ Saudi Arabia”

In recent weeks, tensions in the Middle East have escalated as‌ Iran’s proxy Hamas launched a‌ series of missile attacks on Israel, prompting Israel to respond with military force.‍ Despite these challenges, Senator ⁢Lindsey Graham remains hopeful that a peace deal between Israel and ​Saudi Arabia is still possible.

During⁣ an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Senator Graham shared his insights after speaking with Israeli and Saudi officials. ⁣He announced his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel with a group⁢ of senators, emphasizing the continued drive towards peace and normalization between these⁢ two nations.

The desire to move forward in normalizing relationships between Saudi Arabia and Israel is evident from both parties. Israel has been actively discussing humanitarian aid initiatives, including the restoration of water supply in the South. Additionally, they are urging Egypt to allow the people from Gaza to enter the Sinai. These steps demonstrate Israel’s commitment to improving the situation ‍for Palestinians and creating a wider pathway to⁢ peace.

Senator Graham stressed the importance of Israel having the time and space to eliminate Hamas, emphasizing⁤ that not all Palestinians are ​aligned with the extremist group. He emphasized that if Hamas is dismantled, it will enhance Israel’s security and create a more receptive environment for peace negotiations ⁤between the Palestinians and the rest of the world.

With these ⁤positive developments ⁣in mind, Senator Graham expressed his optimism regarding the possibility of a peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia. While challenges remain, the ongoing discussions⁤ and efforts towards normalization indicate a willingness on both sides to pursue ‌peace.

Despite the recent hostilities in the‌ region, it is critical to remember that establishing peace is the ultimate goal for all parties involved. ⁢The potential partnership between Israel and Saudi Arabia could have‌ a transformative impact on the region, fostering stability and cooperation.

Senator Lindsey Graham’s commitment to promoting ⁤peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia is commendable. His upcoming visit to the region, along ⁢with ⁤other senators, underscores the United States’ dedication to facilitating and supporting peaceful⁣ resolutions in the Middle East.

As the situation evolves, it is essential for all stakeholders to demonstrate their commitment to dialogue, cooperation, and compromise. Collaborative efforts ​are key to paving the⁤ way for lasting peace,⁢ stability, and prosperity in the Middle East.

While challenges continue to arise, Senator Graham’s optimism⁢ regarding the potential ‌for a peace deal between⁣ Israel and Saudi Arabia reminds us of the importance of perseverance, diplomacy, ⁢and the pursuit of common interests in⁤ achieving lasting peace in a region fraught ​with conflict.

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