GOP Rep. Crenshaw: Voter Suppression a 'Myth'


During an interview on this week’s Fox News Channel broadcast of “Sunday Night in America,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) slammed the notion of “voter suppression.”

As he argued in favor of Texas’ new election law, Crenshaw called voter suppression both a “lie” and a “myth.”

“The Texas election law is very transparent, and frankly, it’s a little boring,” Crenshaw outlined. “It doesn’t do a whole lot of things that Democrats say it does. It just cleans things up. It cleans up the process. It does things like make all of the early voting times the same across counties, so people don’t get confused, put additional I.D. requirements on mail-in ballots because look, there is a bipartisan 2005 commission on elections that specifically stated — this was bipartisan by the way — that mail-in ballots are the source of a lot of different fraud, so we’re just cleaning up some of these things so that there is less opportunity for fraud. It doesn’t make it harder to vote. It makes it easier to vote, in many cases. We have weeks of early voting in Texas. It is extremely easy to vote.”

“Look, there are a few things that are true here: One, the voter suppression lie is just that — it’s a lie. It’s a myth. Number two, no one believes the myth. About 80% of voters believe in voter I.D.,” he added. “And 44% of Americans also believe we have too lax of voting laws to prevent fraud. OK? And look, the Texas law doesn’t do any of that.”

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