GOP Rep. Banks: Nancy Pelosi Is 'Covering up the Truth' About January 6


Representatives Jim Banks (R-IN) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared on Monday’s broadcast of FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss Democrat efforts to play up the first anniversary of the January 6 Capitol Hill riots.

Banks told Ingraham he believed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was covering up the truth about what happened that day and was not accepting any responsibility.

“Now, just like Jim Jordan said, Democrats fear nothing more than the truth,” Banks said. “And that’s why when that’s why Nancy Pelosi kicked Jim Jordan and I off of the January 6 Committee, because we were already asking questions that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to answer. We don’t know why she’s trying to cover up many of the facts about what happened on January 6. But we know that she’s trying to cover it up. She’s covering up the truth.”

“And I know President Trump has important things to say about what happened that day,” he continued. “Jim Jordan and I and other Republicans are still at work, conducting interviews with Capitol Police officers and others to try to get to the truth. And we’re going to expose this – the truth along the way that shows that Nancy Pelosi and Democrats were involved in the negligence that led to the disaster that happened a year ago on January 6.”

“If we’re serious about making sure that another January 6 never happens again, then we need to answer these important questions about the systemic breakdown of security at the top ranks of the Capitol — the U.S. Capitol Police which report to, Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” Banks added.

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