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GOP megadonor hosts DeSantis fundraiser with ex-Trump officials.

GOP Megadonor Harold Hamm ⁢to Host Fundraiser​ for Gov. Ron ‍DeSantis in Oklahoma⁢ City

After his support for former President Donald Trump in previous elections, energy‍ mogul⁤ and GOP megadonor Harold Hamm is⁢ set⁣ to host a highly anticipated fundraiser ​for Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL)​ in Oklahoma City. The event, taking place at ‍the prestigious Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club, will be attended by a number of influential GOP donors‍ and Republican figures⁤ in Oklahoma.

A Show of Support

This will be Hamm’s second fundraiser ​for DeSantis, following his attendance at⁣ a similar event in Dallas earlier this summer. Hamm,⁢ who served as an energy adviser to ​Trump during his first⁤ campaign, was even considered for the role of energy secretary. Additionally, he played⁢ a role in advocating for Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma’s former attorney general, to ⁢become the head‍ of the Environmental Protection⁢ Agency.

However, Hamm’s current support appears to be firmly ‍behind DeSantis.

Notable Attendees

Joining Hamm and DeSantis at the fundraiser will be Governor Kevin⁢ Stitt ‍(R-OK), the only governor in​ the country to have endorsed DeSantis. Also in‍ attendance ⁣will be Alex Gray, who previously served in the Trump administration as the‌ deputy assistant​ to⁤ the president and chief‌ of staff of‌ the National Security Council at the White⁤ House.

Gray, while expressing his ‌respect for Trump and their accomplishments, believes that DeSantis is the right person to continue and expand upon their legacy. He praises DeSantis for his discipline and effective execution ‍of key issues, stating that he⁤ has the qualities necessary to ⁣be a strong commander ‍in ⁤chief.

Another notable guest is Trent Shores, a​ former Trump appointee who served as the U.S. attorney for the‌ Northern District of Oklahoma. Shores, nominated by Trump in‍ 2017 and‍ confirmed by the Senate, held the position until 2021.

Also attending the event are Dustin and ​Edward Hillary, prominent GOP donors in‌ Oklahoma who own Hillary Communications, a telecommunications company. Dustin Hillary, who ‍sits on the Oklahoma State Board of Regents for Higher Education, believes ⁢that DeSantis is⁤ the best choice for the‍ business community in Oklahoma.

Seeking Comments

Despite the⁢ significance of the event, officials from both the Trump and DeSantis ‌campaigns have not responded ⁣to ​requests for comment. Similarly, a representative for Hamm has also not ‌provided a comment.

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