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FBI probes GOP lawmakers getting ‘suspicious white powder’ in mail.

State and Federal Authorities Investigating ‘Suspicious White Powder’ Sent to Kansas Lawmakers

State and federal law enforcement agencies are currently conducting investigations after a series of letters containing a “suspicious white powder” were received by Kansas lawmakers this month.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation has reported that over 70 letters containing the powder have been identified so far, according to The Kansas City Star.

In a recent Facebook post, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation revealed that the number of letters has now risen to 100. However, preliminary testing has indicated that the powder does not contain dangerous biological substances.

Threatening Letters Target Republican Lawmakers

Several Republican lawmakers in the Kansas legislature have come forward to describe receiving these letters.

One of them, Rep. Samantha Poetter Parshall, shared that the letter she received contained threatening language. She discovered an additional piece of paper folded inside the letter after reading the phrase “Choking on your ambitions.”

Rep. Tory Marie Blew also shared pictures of a letter filled with powder that arrived at her residence. In a Facebook post, she expressed her concern and thanked the various agencies involved in the investigation for their quick response.

As of now, it appears that only Republican legislators have received these packages, although there is a possibility that a Democrat may have received one based on their voting record.

Condemnation from Democratic Party Groups

Three Kansas Democratic Party groups, including the Kansas Young Democrats, the Progressive Caucus, and the LGBTQ+ Caucus, have issued a statement condemning these threatening acts. They expressed their strong disapproval of the mailings containing the suspicious white powder that were sent to Republican legislators and the Attorney General’s office.

Previous Instances of Poisonous Substances

It is worth noting that terrorists have previously used the poisonous substance ricin to target government facilities and elected officials. Ricin can be manufactured in the form of a powder.

In fact, earlier this year, a foreign national pleaded guilty to mailing a letter laced with ricin to then-President Donald Trump and was subsequently sentenced to 262 months in prison.

Authorities are taking these incidents seriously and are actively investigating the matter.

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