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GOP lawmaker flies to Israel to save Americans amid high demand.

U.S. Congressman Flies to Israel ​to Rescue Stranded Americans Amid Hamas Attacks

Rep.⁤ Cory ​Mills (R-Fla.), a U.S. Army combat veteran, has ⁤taken action to aid in the evacuation of American citizens trapped ​in Israel⁢ after Hamas terrorists launched attacks on the country.⁤ Mills, who served in Iraq with​ the 82nd Airborne Division, has already helped 32 Americans escape and plans to make another trip soon.

“Since the Biden admin has failed to do ​their job⁤ once ⁤again, I’ve stepped in ‌to ‍rescue⁣ Americans stranded in war-torn Israel,” ‌the Florida‍ Republican said ​in a post on X.

Mills’s efforts have been captured in​ a picture shared on X‌ by former Rep.​ Mayra Flores. The image shows the Iraq veteran with a ⁣group of Americans he helped evacuate from⁤ Israel by bus. Flores expressed her gratitude and‌ prayers for their safety.

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In an interview with​ Fox News, Mills ​emphasized the urgency of ‍his mission and‍ criticized the Biden‍ administration for its lack of‌ action. Due to‍ safety concerns, he couldn’t‌ provide specific details about⁤ the operation.

This isn’t ⁤the first time Mills ⁢has undertaken such a rescue⁤ mission. In 2021, he​ helped​ evacuate American families and Afghan refugees during the chaotic U.S. troop withdrawal ‌from Afghanistan.

Mills and his team‍ meticulously plan evacuation routes and ⁤focus on ground evacuations to neighboring countries like‌ Jordan. Their goal is to ensure the safe return of stranded Americans to the United States.

“Right ‌now, our big ​tactic is​ to try⁣ and‌ look at‌ consolidation points,”⁢ he explained. “My team and I run the routes⁤ prematurely, so we can try and just ‍make sure we can run it and see if ‍there’s any safety issues and look at the ⁣best evac areas.”

Mills’s trip ​to Israel aligns with the bipartisan call ‍from 146 members of Congress urging U.S. Secretary of State ​Antony Blinken to ‌use ‍all available⁣ resources to evacuate Americans seeking to‌ leave⁣ Israel during the ongoing conflict.

As the conflict ‌escalates, numerous ​airlines have suspended flights to and from⁤ Israel, and there have been ⁢concerns about the safety of Ben Gurion International Airport. ‌The U.S.⁤ government is actively discussing plans to bring Americans⁤ back home safely.

US in Talks to Evacuate Americans

During⁣ a ‌White House press ⁣briefing, National Security Council coordinator ⁣John Kirby confirmed that ⁢they are in “active conversations” about evacuating Americans from Israel. ⁤However, he ⁤did⁤ not⁤ provide ⁢specific details about the plan.

“The State⁤ Department is in active touch with American‌ citizens in Israel,”⁣ Kirby stated. “There are still ⁤commercial carriers flying⁤ in and out of Ben Gurion every day. There are still ⁣viable ground routes. If you wanted to leave ⁢safely out of Israel, that is⁢ also an option‍ to​ you.”

Despite these options, some Americans may find them unfeasible or ‌unaffordable. The U.S. government is‌ exploring alternative⁣ solutions to assist those who wish to leave Israel.

The exact number of American citizens or dual nationals residing in Israel is unknown. However, the‌ U.S.‍ Department⁣ of State confirmed that 25‍ U.S. citizens have died ​in the Israel-Hamas war, and 17 remain unaccounted for, with concerns that they may have ⁤been taken⁢ as hostages by⁣ Hamas terrorists.

Mills expressed concern that the evacuation‌ efforts could become as chaotic‌ as the Afghanistan⁢ withdrawal, where many Americans were left behind. ‌He hopes to avoid a repeat of that ⁣situation.

“I hope that we don’t see a repeat of what happened in 2021 in Afghanistan, where ​Americans were left⁤ behind and abandoned by this administration,” Mills emphasized.

As the situation in Israel ‌continues to unfold, Mills’s heroic efforts to​ rescue stranded Americans serve as⁣ a testament to​ his dedication and‍ commitment to their safety.

Why does Congressman Mills express dissatisfaction with the‌ Biden administration’s response to⁢ the crisis ‍in Israel and what action ‍has​ he taken⁤ as⁤ a result?

​Vernment has issued a Level 4 travel advisory, urging ‌Americans​ to reconsider ⁣travel to‌ Israel and‍ the West Bank due to the​ current situation.

Amidst these challenges, Congressman Mills has taken‍ it upon ⁢himself⁤ to directly assist stranded Americans in‍ Israel. His military background and experience in rescue operations have equipped ‍him with the skills necessary​ to handle‍ such a mission. As a‌ combat veteran, he understands the urgency and risks associated with extracting ⁢individuals from a war ⁢zone.

However, Mills‌ has not hesitated to express his dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s response to the crisis.‍ He believes that the⁣ government has failed to adequately ​prioritize the evacuation of American citizens, which has compelled him to step in and ‌take action. ⁢His commitment ⁢to rescuing Americans​ reflects his strong ⁤sense of duty ​and responsibility as a public servant.

The image shared by former Representative Mayra Flores⁣ portrays the successful outcome ⁤of one of Mills’s ‌rescue missions. The grateful expressions on the faces of those he helped evacuate serve ‌as a testament ⁤to ⁣the impact of ⁣his efforts. It is heartening to ⁣see such acts of ‍heroism and⁣ solidarity during these difficult times.

Having already facilitated the escape of 32 Americans, Mills intends to make another trip ​to ​Israel soon. His determination⁣ to rescue more stranded individuals demonstrates⁤ his unwavering commitment to helping those in need. In ‍an interview with‍ Fox News, he emphasized ⁣the importance of his⁢ mission and criticized the lack of⁣ action from the Biden administration.

Mills’s⁣ previous experience‌ in⁣ organizing evacuations during‌ the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan has‍ honed his abilities in planning ‌and executing rescue operations. The meticulous planning ⁣of evacuation routes and a focus ‍on ground evacuations‍ to ⁤neighboring countries like Jordan contribute ​to the success⁢ of his missions. ​His‌ aim is to ensure‍ the safe ⁣return⁤ of stranded Americans to the ‍United States.

His trip to Israel ‌is resonant with the bipartisan call ⁣from 146 members⁣ of Congress, who have urged ‌U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to utilize ‍all available resources ‌for​ the evacuation of Americans seeking to leave Israel during this ongoing conflict. This‍ collective​ effort highlights⁣ the importance of prioritizing ⁣the safety and well-being of American ‌citizens.

In⁤ the face of escalating violence and ‌the suspension of airline services to and from Israel, Mills’s ‍actions ‌provide a ray of hope for‌ those stuck​ in a dangerous situation. His dedication to rescuing stranded Americans is a reminder of the power⁢ of humanity‍ and compassion in ​times of ‌crises.

As we navigate these challenging times, it is crucial that we recognize⁤ and appreciate individuals⁤ like Congressman Mills, who go above and beyond to serve ‌their fellow‌ citizens. Their selfless acts remind us of the resilience and strength that resides within the American spirit.

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