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GOP lawmaker introduces bill to cut funding for special counsel Jack Smith’s pay.

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Andy Ogles Introduces Bill ​to Block Salary⁣ for Special Counsel Jack Smith

As special ⁤counsel Jack ⁣Smith continues his investigations and criminal cases against former President Donald‍ Trump, freshman Rep. Andy Ogles ⁤(R-TN) filed a bill on Friday that ⁣would block him ⁢from​ drawing ‌a salary by⁣ preventing federal funds from being used to ​pay⁤ him.

Smith ‍has been a main target of Republicans,‍ especially those ​who support Trump, since he was appointed special counsel. After two separate indictments charged the‍ former president with over 40 ⁢different ⁢criminal charges‍ related to him holding on to classified⁣ documents and his attempt to overturn⁣ the⁤ 2020​ election, calls for Smith to be fired or ‍have⁢ his investigation defunded have grown.

Ogles Introduces the⁢ You’re Fired Act

Ogles has introduced the Yanking Outlays for an Unethical, Ruthless Enterprise that Fraudulently Impedes ‍Robust Electoral Debate Act, or the You’re Fired Act, which would prevent federal funds from being used to pay⁢ for Smith’s salary.

“The Biden Administration’s weaponization of the DOJ for personal political gain⁢ through the appointment ⁤of ⁢Jack Smith is nothing short of ​appalling,”⁣ Ogles said in a ⁣statement. “In November 2022, he was tasked with taking down Biden’s ⁤biggest threat, President Donald J. Trump. From falsified indictments to‍ non-existent supporting ⁢’evidence’, everything about the proceedings by⁣ Smith have screamed ⁢desperate.​ America cannot and ‌will not stand for that, and it’s well past⁤ time that ⁣Congress uses its power of the⁣ purse to tell Jack⁢ Smith:⁣ you’re fired.”

Smith has been the subject of Republican backlash, claiming he is a shill for President Joe Biden‍ and the Democrats to ensure⁢ that Trump is not elected president. Trump is leading the Republican primary in‌ nearly all national ‌polls. Trump sits at 54.5%, and his next closest ​competitor is Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who sits at 14.8%, according to the ⁤RealClearPolitics polling average.

The bill has⁣ two other co-sponsors, Reps.‌ Alex⁣ Mooney (R-WV) and Eli Crane (R-AZ).

“Biden’s Department of Justice is attempting to muzzle the voice of the American ​people and forcibly impose the Administration’s morally corrupt agenda onto this country,” Crane said in a statement. “The weaponization of the DOJ against the ⁣political enemies ⁢of ​the Biden Crime ⁢Family, by way of left-wing puppet Jack⁤ Smith, is contrary to our ‍governing principles. It’s ⁢simple: patriotic‍ American taxpayers⁢ shouldn’t be funding the⁣ salary of someone actively ​fighting to suppress their voices.”

House Republicans ⁣have decried Smith’s investigation ⁣into Trump​ and compared it ⁤to the “sweetheart” deal and fumbled investigation⁣ into ‍Hunter Biden. Testimony from ‌three‌ whistleblowers​ alleged the Department of​ Justice slow-walked Hunter Biden’s ‌investigation so the statute of limitations on a ‌number of tax crimes would lapse and that⁤ they were blocked from ‌interviewing Hunter Biden or his adult children ​for the investigation.


The bill has⁣ an unlikely chance​ of being ⁣enacted as both the Senate and ‌the ​White House are under ‍Democratic control, but⁤ it does show the mindset and sentiment ‍of some members of the House ​Republican Conference who believe Smith’s investigation is purely ‌political.

“Joe ⁣Biden’s administration is run by left-wing political ‌activists. Jack Smith is the latest example of someone who⁣ will ‌do anything it takes to ensure that President Trump is kept out of the White‍ House,”‌ Mooney​ said in a ‌statement. “Congress must hold the rogue ⁤DOJ accountable, and I⁤ support withholding funding to Jack Smith until⁣ the department ceases pushing⁢ its blatantly partisan two-tiered system of justice. These disgusting ⁣abuses of power will fail, and ‌Donald Trump will be elected again in 2024.”

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