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Google Tries to Censor Rand Paul Article on Gain-of-Function Research

Rand Paul, a Kentucky senator, is obsessed with the Coronavirus creation. It’s not surprising. Paul does not take this kind of thing lightly.

This is what led him to Write an article Townhall Title “Gain of Function Research: A Death Wish for the World,” Paul shares his story about how the Coronavirus was altered to make SARS-CoV-2. He says that too many information points to the fact the virus was manufactured in Wuhan in China. “ranking member of a major committee,” He’s determined to solve the mystery that has plagued us for so many years and hold those responsible accountable.

While the article is worth reading, it’s not what this article is about. This article is about what happened after the article was published on Townhall.

Townhall reported that Google tried to strike Paul’s column by putting some penalties flags on it, labeling it as “unreliable and harmful.” This caused the column’s demonetization, which in turn drained the site of its advertising revenue.

Townhall points out that the purpose of demonitization was to force Townhall to remove something important from their website. Paul’s popularity makes him dangerous because more people will share this article, making it doubtful that Paul’s story of the virus being an accidental evolution from a dirty food marketplace is true. Google’s hard leftists don’t want to know that Paul is researching the source of the virus.

In an effort to force Townhall to silence them, they robbed Townhall of its money.

It didn’t work.

Townhall was not content to back down and fought against Google’s attempts censor them. Google responded by claiming it was a misinterpretation and retaliating. Townhall also noted the beginning and ending of Paul’s article in an editorial note.

Google originally flagged this column for its containing “unreliable and harmful claims.” Google responded to our public inquiry by issuing a statement that stated the article was deleted. “labeled in error” The flag was removed by the Flagstaff.

The damage was still done. A trick Google has been using for some time (especially on YouTube) is to demonetize something it doesn’t agree with politically — despite it following the rules and regulations put forward by the site — upon the article or video’s initial release. The creator sends an appeal which can stay in an inbox for as long as an hour or more. The majority of clicks come in the first hour of the product’s release. This means it misses out the revenue.

Google will confirm that the flag on the content was not in error and requalify the content for monetization. However, the clicks have slowed considerably and the creator has lost a lot of the money that he would have earned.

Although Google may have agreed that Townhall could make it all public, they left behind a scar.

This is how large tech censors people without banning or blocking them. They steal income from creators over what they claim are misunderstandings. But, they are actually deliberate attempts to cripple people, opinions, and their ability to make a living off of their work.

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