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Google terminates 28 pro-Palestinian employees for protesting $1.2 billion deal with Israel

The provided HTML code contains⁢ a button for ‍”Read more”​ that⁢ triggers the function “showReadMore()”. ⁢It also includes a post about Google laying off 28 pro-Palestinian‍ workers due to protests⁤ against a $1.2 ‌billion contract with Israel, shared⁣ on The Western Journal’s website. The⁢ HTML snippet features a “Read more” button linked to the function “showReadMore()” and contains a post discussing Google’s decision ‌to terminate‍ 28⁢ pro-Palestinian‌ employees for objecting to​ a $1.2 billion​ deal with⁢ Israel. This post was ⁤published on The Western Journal’s website.

You can say this much about Google: At least it’ll boot out radical anti-Semites. You know, after they’re allowed to make their point by occupying the company’s buildings and everything. […]

The post Google Lays Off 28 Pro-Palestinian Workers Over Protesting $1.2 Billion Contract with Israel appeared first on The Western Journal.

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