Target’s Woke Agenda Backfires: Suffers Worst News Yet.

Target’s Decision to Feature LGBT Merchandise Geared Toward Children Leads to Stock Plunge

Target’s decision to feature LGBT merchandise geared toward children has caused a significant drop in the company’s stock prices. According to Fox Business, the retail giant’s stock prices plunged by 3.66 percent on Tuesday, placing Target on its biggest losing streak since November 2018. The company’s stock value hit its lowest point since 2020, losing $12 billion of its market cap in just two weeks.

Target’s misfortunes have led some to identify the company as another Bud Light, a major American brand that has alienated itself from conservative Americans with a warm embrace of progressive leftism. Bud Light’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney has caused disaster for the brand.

Target’s In

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