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Ghislaine Maxwell fears prison assault after mistreating Cuban inmates.

Ghislaine Maxwell Fears for Her Safety in Prison After Extortion Plot by Cuban Inmates

The former “madame” of the late Jeffrey Epstein reportedly fears for her safety in federal prison. Ghislaine Maxwell is living in fear of prison violence as an inmate at FCI Tallahassee, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Maxwell is serving a 20-year sentence at the facility on sex trafficking charges — stemming from her lengthy association with the convicted sex offender.

Extortion Plot by Cuban Inmates

The British-born heiress, now 61, had gone to prison officials about an extortion plot against her by two Cuban inmates. The inmates were then placed in solitary confinement. The Cubans had allegedly demanded that Maxwell empty the funds available in her prison commissary account purchasing items for them. The pair had discovered that Maxwell — a vegan — was receiving additional food from a prison kitchen worker.

“When the Cubans discovered what Max was doing, they demanded she spend her entire commissary limit of $360 on things for them otherwise they would report her,” the Daily Mail reported, citing an unidentified source inside the prison.

Maxwell provided a note to prison authorities in which the pair attempted to extort her, according to the Daily Mail. That spurred the prisoners to be moved to solitary for 47 days, the newspaper reported.

However, the inmates have been returned to the prison’s general population — igniting Maxwell’s fear of retribution.

Living in Constant Fear

Maxwell has since become hesitant to use prison showers and is escorted to her prison job in the facility library under the protection of guards — while in “constant fear,” according to the Daily Mail.

“Las Cubanas have a reputation for being tough and mean inside jail and they don’t let anything slide,” the insider said, according to the Daily Mail. “They are saying Maxwell needs to pay for the 47.”

Maxwell’s Release Date

Maxwell’s release date is scheduled for July 17, 2037, according to the Daily Mail.


In an interview earlier this year, Maxwell sought to discredit victims of the trafficking ring operated by herself and Epstein. She also expressed her belief that Epstein had been murdered in a Manhattan federal jail before his own sex trafficking trial.

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