Georgia inmate kills kitchen worker, then himself, officials say

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An inmate in a Georgia prison shot and killed a food service worker on Sunday before shooting and killing himself, authorities said.

Jaydrekus Hart, 34, was serving a 20-year sentence at Smith State Prison for voluntary manslaughter and aggravated battery. After Hart reportedly shot Aureon Shavea Grace, 24, he turned the weapon on himself and was subsequently pronounced dead. The Georgia Department of Corrections is still investigating how Hart obtained the weapon.

“The weapon is in GDC custody at this time, and a complete and thorough investigation of what led up to this tragic incident will be carried out,” the department told the Washington Examiner. “GDC Special Agents are responding and are providing staffing support to the facility.”

Grace was an Aramark employee who had worked for the prison since January.

“We are heartbroken over the loss of our colleague and our hearts and prayers go out to her family,” Aramark spokeswoman Debbie Albert told the Washington Examiner. “This is a tragedy for all of us, and we are assisting the GA DOC in their investigation.”


Hart was imprisoned since 2015 with his earliest release date slated for 2043.

Last year, Smith State Prison reported another employee death in correctional officer Robert Clark, 42. Inmate Layton Lester reportedly attacked Clark from behind with a homemade weapon while wounding another inmate. Lester is facing additional charges from the attack on top of his murder conviction.

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