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Gale Pooley: Resources are increasing, not decreasing—Here’s why.

Time is‍ the True‌ Currency

“We buy things with money, but we‍ really pay for them with our ⁤time. And so, that ​says that ​there’s really two prices: there’s‌ the money price, but⁣ there’s ⁣also⁢ a time ⁢price. Money‌ prices are‌ expressed in dollars and cents, but time prices ‌are expressed in hours ‌and minutes.”

About Gale Pooley

Gale Pooley is a former professor of⁢ business management ‍at Brigham Young University in Hawaii, and the co-author of “Superabundance: The Story of Population Growth, Innovation, and Human Flourishing on an Infinitely Bountiful ​Planet.”

“The economic underlying numbers​ of⁣ our fundamental basic commodities … that ⁤really give us these kinds of lives ‌that we enjoy—those are all becoming much, much more abundant,” says Mr. Pooley.

Contrary to the belief that the ⁢world is overpopulated and humans are a​ burden on‌ our planet, ​the reality is quite different.

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