Gaetz files motion to oust McCarthy as Speaker.

(L) Rep. Matt ⁢Gaetz (R-FL) talks to reporters outside of the U.S. Capitol Building on October 02, 2023 in Washington, DC. (R) WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER ⁤02: U.S.⁤ Speaker of‌ the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) ‍speaks to⁣ reporters outside of his office after arriving⁢ at the U.S. Capitol Building on October 02,‌ 2023‍ in Washington, DC. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

OAN’s Sophia Flores
6:27 PM – ⁤Monday, October 2, 2023

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz Moves‌ to Oust Speaker McCarthy

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has taken a bold step by filing a motion to remove Kevin McCarthy from ‍his position as Speaker⁤ of the House.


On Monday evening, Gaetz (R-Fla.) ‍introduced ⁢a motion, which will now come down to the House of Representatives’ ⁣vote on whether⁣ or not the top House leadership post⁤ should have a new⁢ leader⁣ in place.

Due to House rules, the motion⁢ must‌ be ⁤voted on within the next ‌two‌ legislative⁢ days.

In order for him ⁣to retain his position, McCarthy (R-Calif.) must collect ⁢a majority of ‍the⁤ votes. Currently,‌ the ⁤House has a Republican majority. However, it is only a five-seat majority. It is⁢ not ‌yet known ⁣where the ​votes will fall.

At least one member ⁣of‍ the ​House, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ⁣(D-N.Y.), has voiced that she plans to vote to⁤ remove McCarthy.

Gaetz has been very vocal ‌regarding ‍his disapproval of McCarthy.

He has consistently criticized the speaker’s handing of spending and ⁢the budget and also ⁢stated that the California native has “at⁤ one point or another… lied to⁢ all of us.”

“Members of ‌the ⁢Republican Party might vote differently on ​a motion to vacate if they‍ heard ‍what the speaker had to share​ with us about his ​secret side deal with Joe Biden on ‌Ukraine. I’ll be listening,” Gaetz said.

During the past two weeks, Gatez made it clear that if McCarthy passes a short-term government funding bill to ​the floor, he would try to⁤ oust the speaker.

The bill​ was passed ⁣on Saturday night with the help of Democrats.

The Floridian stayed true to⁤ his ‌word and ‍filed the motion to vacate two days later.

No Speaker of the ⁢House has ever successfully been ‍removed this way in the⁣ past. Although, the motion has been⁤ attempted‌ a handful⁢ of times.

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What is the likelihood of⁣ the ‌motion to remove Speaker McCarthy being successful, considering the current‍ Republican majority and the uncertainty surrounding votes?

Title: Republican Representative Matt Gaetz Moves to Oust Speaker McCarthy


Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has made a bold move by filing a motion to remove Kevin McCarthy from his ⁣position as ⁣Speaker of the House. This development has raised‍ significant interest and speculation about the potential change in House leadership.

Motion to Remove McCarthy:

On Monday evening, Gaetz introduced a motion that will now be⁣ put up for a vote⁢ in the House of ⁣Representatives. ⁣The outcome of ⁤this vote will determine whether or not the House will have a new leader ​in place. As per House rules, the motion must be voted on​ within the next two ​legislative days.

Majority Vote Needed:

McCarthy, in order to retain his‌ position, must collect a majority of the votes. The House ⁣currently has a Republican majority, but ‌it is only a five-seat majority. The voting outcome remains uncertain at⁣ this point, and it ⁤is unclear where the votes will fall. Notably, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York has voiced‌ her intention to ‌vote against McCarthy.

Criticism Towards McCarthy:

Gaetz ⁢has been vocal about‌ his disapproval​ of ​McCarthy’s leadership. He has consistently criticized the⁣ Speaker’s handling of spending and​ the budget, stating that⁤ McCarthy has​ “lied to all of us.” Gaetz has also mentioned ⁢a secret side deal between​ McCarthy ⁣and President Joe Biden regarding Ukraine, suggesting that this information might affect the Republican Party’s voting choices.

Gaetz ​follows ⁢through on his Promise:

Gaetz had previously stated that if McCarthy passes a ⁢short-term government‌ funding bill, he⁢ would try to oust the ⁣Speaker. The bill was ultimately passed with the help of Democrats on Saturday night. True to his word, Gaetz filed the motion to remove McCarthy two days later.

Historical Context:

While this motion has been⁣ attempted in the past,‌ no Speaker of the House has ever been successfully‌ removed this way. ‌Nevertheless, the filing⁣ of this motion marks ​a significant ‌development, highlighting the divide within the Republican Party and​ the ‍potential for a change in leadership.


The motion to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker‌ of the House, ​filed

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