Inmate at Fulton County Jail killed shortly after Trump’s surrender.

An‌ Inmate Fatally Stabbed at Fulton County Jail

An inmate was tragically stabbed to death at the Fulton‌ County Jail on Thursday, marking the ninth death at the facility this year. This⁣ comes ​shortly after former President Donald Trump’s recent booking at the prison.

According to Atlanta ‍News First, two other inmates ⁢were also wounded in‍ the stabbing incident. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office reported⁣ that the scene ​remained active ​as of Thursday afternoon, ⁣with an ⁣ambulance spotted leaving the jail at around 3:20 p.m.

Fulton⁣ County Jail Under Scrutiny

The‌ Fulton County Jail has garnered ‍national⁣ attention since Trump’s arrival, particularly due to the release of his and his 18 co-defendants’ mug shots.​ However, the facility’s notoriety extends beyond‍ that.

The jail has gained‍ infamy for its harsh ‌living conditions,​ prompting ‌a ⁢Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation in‌ July. The DOJ is looking ⁣into credible allegations of unsanitary⁣ conditions, structural safety concerns, rampant violence⁤ resulting‍ in serious injuries and homicides, as ​well‌ as excessive force used by officers.

Attorney General Merrick Garland emphasized ​the importance ‍of protecting the civil rights of incarcerated individuals, stating, “People in prisons and jails​ are entitled to ⁢basic protections of their ⁢civil rights.” He further expressed the DOJ’s commitment to conducting a comprehensive review ⁣of the conditions at the Fulton County ‍Jail to identify any systemic violations of federal laws and determine ‍appropriate corrective measures.

Trump’s Perspective

In⁤ an email newsletter, Trump denounced the ‍”poor and disgraceful conditions” he ​witnessed at the prison. He went​ on to say, “Seeing the third-world state⁤ of that ​jail made ​me even more determined⁢ to ⁢run for ‌president and save our country from permanent decline.”

As the investigation continues and the⁤ spotlight remains on the ‍Fulton County​ Jail, efforts are being made to address the issues ⁢and ensure the safety and well-being of all inmates.

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