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Texas police capture illegal alien fugitive accused of mass murder.

Manhunt Ends: Suspect Apprehended in Cleveland, Texas

Authorities have apprehended Francisco Oropesa, the suspect in the killing of five people in Cleveland, Texas. Oropesa was arrested without incident on Tuesday evening, marking an end to the manhunt that had baffled law enforcement for days.

The Alleged Crime

The manhunt ensued following Oropesa’s alleged killing of five of his neighbors after reportedly being asked to stop shooting his firearm. Authorities indicated that four adults were found dead at the scene while one child died at the hospital later.

The Arrest

As of Monday, it was believed that Oropesa had slipped past a network of roadblocks in the Cleveland area, despite extensive efforts by law enforcement to contain him within a set perimeter. During the manhunt, reports emerged that the fugitive had been deported four times, twice in 2009, and again in 2012 and 2016.

Authorities arrested Francisco Oropesa without incident on Tuesday evening, NBC News reported, citing the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

What’s Next?

The arrest of Oropesa marks the end of a terrifying ordeal for the Cleveland community. As the investigation continues, we hope to learn more about the motive behind this senseless act of violence.

Ultra Right Beer CEO Talks Conservative Boycott of Bud Light

Seth Weathers, CEO of Ultra Right Beer, is speaking out about the conservative boycott of Bud Light following the Dylan Mulvaney ad campaign. In a recent interview, Weathers explained what the movement needs to do to enact meaningful change.

The Boycott

Conservatives across the country were outraged by Bud Light’s recent ad campaign featuring Dylan Mulvaney, a self-proclaimed “beer guy” who mocked the craft beer industry. Many saw the ad as an attack on small businesses and a blatant attempt to appeal to a younger, more liberal demographic.

The Response

As a result, many conservatives have pledged to boycott Bud Light and other Anheuser-Busch products. Seth Weathers, CEO of Ultra Right Beer, has been a vocal supporter of the boycott and has called on other conservatives to join the movement.

The Way Forward

In his interview, Weathers emphasized the importance of supporting conservative-owned businesses and promoting free-market principles. He also encouraged conservatives to use their purchasing power to send a message to companies like Bud Light.

  • Support conservative-owned businesses
  • Promote free-market principles
  • Use your purchasing power to send a message

By taking these steps, Weathers believes that conservatives can make a real impact and hold companies accountable for their actions.

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