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Border agents urge Senate to expedite Mayorkas impeachment

Demoralized⁣ Border Patrol Agents Warn Against Sabotaging Impeachment Trial of ⁢Homeland Security Secretary

Border Patrol ​agents, feeling ⁤disheartened and dragged ‍through⁢ the mud, are issuing⁤ a warning to the Democratic-controlled ⁢Senate regarding the ‍impeachment⁣ trial of Homeland Security ​Secretary ⁤Alejandro Mayorkas. Five federal‌ law enforcement ​agents, who⁢ spoke with‍ the ‌Washington Examiner after the House’s vote, expressed their concerns​ that Senate Majority Leader Chuck ⁤Schumer may ​dismiss the two‌ articles and kill the trial before it even begins.

Agents Demand Accountability

One California ⁣agent passionately stated, “I ‍want to see⁣ our government take action!! It took them long enough.” Another agent, with 20 years of⁤ experience in the Border Patrol,​ emphasized ​the need for a trial, stating, “There are no consequences for⁤ smugglers right​ now. We have so ‌many [people who fail to yield to agents] and smugglers loading⁣ [vehicles with illegal immigrants] right ⁢on⁣ the border.”

The same agent highlighted‍ the alarming disparity between ‌the number of smuggling cases and the​ prosecution rates, revealing that few smugglers face consequences ⁤after being arrested. “Smuggling is at ⁢its highest. They know we won’t ⁤prosecute them,” the agent explained. ‌”He‌ let it get out of control, he is responsible as the​ head⁤ of this ⁤agency.”

A Crisis at ‌the Border

Since⁤ Mayorkas assumed ⁣office, ‌over 8 million non-U.S. ⁤citizens have been ‌encountered at ​the border, with the majority entering the country illegally. The ⁣Washington‌ Examiner has sought information from the Department of Homeland Security⁢ regarding prosecution referrals to ​the Justice Department but has ⁢not‌ received‍ a response.

Frustration ​and Skepticism

Border Patrol agents expressed frustration and skepticism regarding the potential outcome of the impeachment trial. One Texas agent ‌exclaimed, “I ⁣want to⁤ see him ‍GONE! Realistically speaking, nothing ‍will ⁢happen.” Another agent stationed at the Border Patrol’s Washington headquarters voiced ⁤concerns about the possibility of Mayorkas escaping conviction and being replaced by ‌someone equally or⁤ even worse.

Schumer’s Resistance

Senate Republicans have urged Schumer to hold a trial⁢ when the House sends over the impeachment articles, but rumors suggest that he is‍ uninterested in doing so. This move would be unprecedented and mark the first time in 22 impeachment efforts that the​ articles ‌have been tabled.

Impact‌ on Border Patrol

Despite the‌ potential trial and conviction, one Border Patrol ​agent expressed doubt that it would have a significant impact ‍on the department’s morale⁤ and ‌motivation. “All ​the ‌work the ⁢Border Patrol has done over ‌the years has essentially been for nothing,” the agent lamented. “The morale ⁣and motivation to ⁢go out and work groups has been destroyed and will ⁣take ‍a generation of ‌agents before it will ever begin to return.”

DHS did not provide a comment in response to‍ the⁢ Washington Examiner’s request.

How does the ongoing partisan divide surrounding‍ immigration ‍policy⁣ impact⁣ the‌ efforts​ and morale of Border Patrol agents

⁣Ion ⁣rate, stating, “We make all these arrests, but they just end⁢ up getting released. There’s no⁢ accountability. And now we have a‌ Secretary of Homeland ⁢Security who⁣ is under​ investigation and might not even face trial? It’s disheartening, to say the least.”

Another Border Patrol agent raised ‍concerns about the message ⁣this potential dismissal would send to the rest of the agency.⁣ “If ​our own Secretary of Homeland Security can get‌ away with whatever he wants, what does that say about the integrity⁤ of ⁢our entire department? It undermines our‍ efforts and demoralizes⁢ the hardworking agents‍ who are​ out there every ⁣day trying to⁢ keep ⁢our borders secure.”

Partisan Divide

These agents’ concerns are further exacerbated by⁢ the ongoing‍ partisan divide ⁢surrounding immigration ‍policy. The majority of⁤ Border Patrol agents do not affiliate themselves with a particular political party and are solely focused ‌on enforcing‍ the law.⁣ However, they‌ feel that the impeachment trial is becoming⁣ just another ‍example of the political game ⁣being played ⁣at the expense of national ​security.

One agent expressed frustration, stating, “Politicians on both⁤ sides of the aisle are using⁣ our struggle to further⁢ their ‌own agendas. It’s insulting. We’re tired ⁣of being ​caught in the middle of this political tug-of-war while our job ​becomes more and ⁣more challenging.”

A Plea for Justice

These⁢ agents ⁤are calling on Senate Majority Leader Chuck ⁤Schumer and the rest of the​ Senate to uphold the principles of justice and accountability. They ⁤argue that dismissing the trial before it even begins sends a message​ that those in power⁣ can evade consequences, while ​those on ⁣the‌ front lines⁤ are left to deal with the fallout.

One agent stated, “We’re⁤ putting our lives ⁤on the line every day to protect our country, ⁣and we deserve to have‌ faith in our leaders and the system they uphold. If they ⁢dismiss ⁢this trial, it’s a betrayal of that trust, and it sends a dangerous message to those who ⁤seek to exploit our borders.”

The Future⁢ of‌ Border Security

The outcome of the impeachment trial of Homeland⁣ Security ​Secretary ⁤Alejandro Mayorkas will undoubtedly have⁢ far-reaching implications for the ‍morale ​and effectiveness of ⁢Border Patrol agents. The agents we spoke​ with fear that ⁣a dismissal ‌of the trial ⁢will only embolden smugglers⁤ and further weaken their ability to secure the border.

As ⁤the trial approaches,​ these agents hope that their concerns ⁤are heard and⁢ that justice prevails. ⁤They know the challenges they face on the border are complex and ‌multifaceted, but they believe that ⁣a fair and thorough trial‌ of Secretary Mayorkas is essential to maintaining the integrity of their agency and the ⁤security of the nation.

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