GOP Rep. Jen Kiggans bemoans Capitol Hill’s partisan divide.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia — Freshman Rep. Jen Kiggans (R-VA) brings a different perspective to⁣ the U.S. House⁤ of Representatives after spending time in the Virginia state Senate. In Richmond,⁤ bipartisanship was ⁤the norm, and there was no time to waste. But in D.C., Kiggans is⁤ facing⁤ a much more partisan ‍and dramatic environment.

During an interview with the Washington ⁤Examiner, Kiggans expressed her belief that government would be better if people ⁢simply listened to one another. In the Virginia Senate, debates were ‍held in the chamber, and members took the ⁤time to learn from⁣ each other’s perspectives. However, in D.C., listening ⁣is scarce, and ⁣the loudest voices tend to dominate the conversation.

Kiggans, a retired Navy helicopter pilot and nurse practitioner, emphasized ⁤the need for more common sense and less drama in Congress. She shared an anecdote ⁤about a conversation she⁤ had with a Democratic colleague in committee, only ⁣to witness that same colleague bashing Republicans on the ‌House floor. Kiggans ‌believes that the focus should be on what⁣ is best for the country, rather‌ than seeking ⁤attention or making headlines.

A Battle for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District

Kiggans ⁣represents Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, which is considered⁤ to ⁣”lean Republican.” The​ district prioritizes⁢ policy and issues over ⁤partisanship. Kiggans highlighted the district’s concerns for​ a strong military, fiscal conservatism,⁢ and environmental issues due to its coastal location.

However,‌ Kiggans is not without her critics. ⁤Democratic ⁣Party strategists view⁣ her ⁣as a top ⁣target for the 2024 ⁤election. They accuse her of enabling an‍ extreme, partisan agenda and failing⁢ to deliver for Virginians. The Democratic ‍Congressional Campaign ​Committee has ‍already invested in the race, launching a billboard ​campaign questioning Kiggans’ stance‌ on defunding⁢ the DOJ and FBI.

Despite the⁣ challenges, Kiggans enjoys political support in her district. Nanette Miller, a Republican and Navy veteran, appreciates Kiggans’ focus on veteran ‍services and the military. Miller believes⁢ that Kiggans is thoughtful and even-keeled, prioritizing ⁢the needs ‍of ⁢the district over partisan talking points.

As Kiggans heads into her first reelection bid,⁢ she remains aware⁤ of the political⁤ volatility of her district. While⁣ Republicans have held control for‌ the majority of the past ‌24 years, ​there‍ have been defeats and ⁤scandals‌ that serve as cautionary tales. ​Kiggans aims to continue ⁢representing her ‍district with integrity and dedication.

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