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Fox News memo reveals support for LGBT charities during Pride Month – Report

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh Exposes Fox News’ Support for LGBT and Gender Activism

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh dropped evidence that Fox News has embraced LGBT and gender activism — including suggestions for books for children to read — on Twitter Thursday.

Walsh reported on what he said were internal company reading materials that appear to show the network might not be the haven for conservatism many viewers might believe it is — or that it was at one point.

In fact, per Walsh, Fox News has gone above and beyond simply placating some employees by following mandatory laws on inclusivity and is asking employees to embrace the left’s views on gender and asking their children to be aware of certain LGBT youth groups.

He also said the network sunk to the low of educating employees about “glory holes”:

Walsh’s reporting did not come as a surprise to many former viewers who said their former go-to network had lost its way.

Some also predicted the bombshell reporting would be the end of Fox News:

Walsh posted a video on YouTube last month — just weeks after Fox News axed its formerly highest-rated host Tucker Carlson — in which he said he had been blacklisted by the network.

“I am banned by Fox News,” Walsh claimed, citing sources at the company. “I have been blacklisted by the network due to my frank condemnation of trans ideology.”

Walsh said he was not surprised by the decision.

He also claimed his appearances on Carlson’s former show throughout the last year were the result of the host demanding he be allowed to speak.

Will you still watch Fox News?

Will you still watch Fox News?

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Fox News has not responded to the backlash over Walsh’s Thursday reporting or to his previous claim he was blacklisted for his views on gender.

The Western Journal reached out to the network for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

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