Brit Hume slams Trump’s defense of classified documents as ‘incoherent’.

Fox News Analyst Criticizes Trump’s Defense in Classified Documents Case

Fox News analyst Brit Hume recently criticized former President Donald Trump’s defense in his classified documents case, describing it as “incoherent.”

In a Monday interview with host Brett Baier, Trump was questioned about the allegations. Hume, after watching the interview, expressed doubt about the strength of Trump’s case in court.

“His answers on the matter of the law seem to verge on incoherent,”

Hume stated.

“He seemed to be saying the documents were really his, and he didn’t give them back when he was requested to do so, and when they were subpoenaed because he wasn’t ready to because he hadn’t sorted them or whatever from his golf shirts,” he added. “It was not altogether clear what he was saying, but he seemed to believe that the documents were his, that he had declassified them and therefore he could do whatever he wanted with them.”

Hume’s skepticism arose after Baier’s interview with Trump, during which the host repeatedly questioned why the former president had possession of the classified documents in the first place.

“Like every other president, I take things out,” Trump responded. “In my case, I took it out pretty much in a hurry, but people packed it up, and we left. And I had clothing in there. I had all sorts of personal items.”

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“I want to go through the boxes and get all my personal things out,” he added. “I don’t want to hand that over to [the National Archives] yet. And I was very busy. As you have sort of seen.”

Trump also denied being in possession of plans for a military strike on Iran.

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