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Ex-Trump lawyer warns: Prosecutors can exploit Trump’s Fox News interview.

Former Trump Attorney Warns of Potential Legal Consequences

Tim Parlatore, a former attorney of former President Donald Trump, has raised concerns about the remarks made by Trump during his recent interview with Fox News. Parlatore believes that these remarks could create a “problem” for Trump in a court of law.

During the interview, Trump was asked why he did not return certain materials, which could have prevented charges against him. Trump’s response, stating that he wanted to go through the boxes and retrieve his personal belongings, could potentially be used against him as evidence of obstruction.

Parlatore emphasized the importance of not discussing the case and advised clients to exercise their right to remain silent. He acknowledged that Trump may have misunderstood the question or mixed up the timeline, but the statement has already been put out there, making it difficult to defend in court.

Parlatore also addressed Trump’s claim that the FBI may have planted evidence. While he personally did not see any evidence to support this claim, he noted that there was limited access to the boxes taken during the raid, making it impossible to compare and contrast the contents.

Overall, Parlatore expressed concern about the potential challenges Trump may face in court due to his remarks and urged caution in handling such sensitive matters.

Watch the Interview:

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