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Nancy Pelosi, ex-House Speaker, subpoenaed in CA criminal case.

Former House Speaker ⁢Nancy Pelosi Subpoenaed in California ⁣Criminal⁤ Case

Officials announced⁣ on Nov. 1 that former House Speaker ⁢Nancy Pelosi ⁣(D-Calif.) has been subpoenaed in a third-party criminal case in California.

During Wednesday’s session, Reading Clerk Tylease Alli informed the House of the subpoena on the⁣ floor. This happened while lawmakers debated ⁤a resolution to expel Rep. George‌ Santos (R-N.Y.) from the House of Representatives, which‌ ultimately failed to pass.

Ms. Alli read out a lengthy message from Ms. ‍Pelosi in the ​chamber, as⁢ is the ‌standard process when a House member is⁣ issued a judicial subpoena. ‍The message informed them of the California case, regardless of whether it is related to ‌a ⁢civil ‌or criminal matter.

“This is to notify you‍ formally, pursuant to rule eight of the rules of the House of Representatives, that I,​ the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, speaker emerita ⁢and U.S. representative for​ the 11th⁢ Congressional District of California, have been served with third-party subpoenas from the prosecution and the defendant to produce documents in ​a criminal case [in] United States District Court for the Northern ⁤District of California,” the reading clerk⁤ said.

“After consultation with the Office of General​ Counsel, I have determined that compliance with subpoenas is consistent with the privileges⁣ and‍ rights of the House to the extent⁤ it requires production of non-privileged information. The responses to the subpoenas will​ be identical,” she added.

Ms. Alli ‍did not provide further details regarding the case in which ​Ms. ⁣Pelosi, 83,‍ has been summoned.

The House of Representatives declined to comment when​ contacted by The Epoch Times,⁣ citing ongoing legal matters.

Police body⁣ camera footage showing Paul Pelosi being attacked in his home in October 2022. (San Francisco ​Police ⁤Department)

Paul ​Pelosi Attacker to Face Trial

The​ former House speaker’s ⁢subpoena comes as the trial ‍is set to begin ⁢for David DePape, the Canadian citizen who allegedly attacked Ms. Pelosi’s husband ⁣Paul inside their San Francisco home last year.

According to prosecutors, the suspect broke into the residence in the early morning hours of Oct. 28 and attacked Mr. Pelosi,⁢ 82, by striking him in the head with a hammer.

Police said they later found a roll of tape, white rope, a second hammer, a ‍pair of ⁢rubber and cloth gloves, and zip ties inside Mr. DePape’s backpack ⁢during a search.

Prosecutors say the‍ attack was politically motivated⁣ and that Mr. DePape sought to “detain and injure” the former House speaker during the incident and smash her kneecaps so that she would be left using⁣ a wheelchair.

She would then need​ to be “wheeled into Congress,⁢ which would show ‍other members of Congress there were consequences ​to actions,”⁤ Mr. DePape⁣ allegedly told FBI agents, ‍according to court documents.

Mr. DePape has since apologized for “messing up” during the incident ‍and claimed ‌that he carried out the attack because people’s individual‍ liberties were being threatened.

Concerns Over Biased Trial Jury

“I want to ⁤apologize​ to⁤ everyone. I messed up. What I did ‌was ⁤really bad. I’m so sorry I didn’t ‌get more ⁤of them. It’s my ⁢own fault.​ No one‌ else is to blame. I should have come better prepared,” ‌he reportedly told ‌local news outlet KATU-TV in January.

Family⁤ members and friends of Mr. DePape have suggested⁢ he may have been struggling with mental issues ahead of the⁢ alleged attack.

Mr. DePape is facing both ​state and federal charges stemming from the October ‌2022 incident. He ⁣is also accused of making threats‍ to kidnap Ms. Pelosi and other officials.

In‍ August, lawyers for⁤ Mr. DePape raised​ concerns that the San Francisco⁤ jury pool in the trial would be biased, resulting in an unfair trial, and sought to move the trial to ​Eureka, California, via a ⁢motion submitted to the court. Lawyers​ for ‍the suspect noted, in part,​ Ms.​ Pelosi’s prominence in the district.

However, ‌that motion was ultimately struck down by a ⁣judge who noted⁣ that⁢ the case likely received widespread coverage in Eureka too.

Mr. DePape has pleaded not guilty to ‌all the charges and is set to‍ go on trial on Nov. 9.

Mr. Pelosi ⁤is scheduled ⁤to testify during the⁣ second week of the trial on Nov. 13, according‌ to reports.

​ How ‌does the subpoena issued to Nancy Pelosi impact her already eventful career and the legal complexities surrounding⁢ it?

T she would be unable to carry out her ‍political activities. Mr. DePape has ​been charged with ‍multiple counts,⁢ including ​assault with a deadly weapon and burglary.

The trial is expected to shed light on the ⁢motivations behind the attack ⁤and provide justice for the victims. It will also highlight the importance of ensuring the ⁣safety⁣ and security of public‍ figures and‍ their families.

Meanwhile, the ‍subpoena issued to ‌former House Speaker ⁢Nancy Pelosi in California adds another layer of legal complexity to her‍ already eventful career. As a prominent political figure, she ‍has faced numerous challenges and controversies throughout ​her tenure in Congress.

While the details ‌of the criminal ⁤case related to the subpoena remain‌ undisclosed, ⁢it is clear that Ms. Pelosi is required to produce ‌documents in connection with ⁢the proceedings. The fact that compliance with the subpoenas is deemed‍ consistent with the privileges and rights of the House ⁣reinforces the importance of upholding‍ the law and respecting legal processes.

It is worth noting that in recent years, the issue of subpoenas and legal actions against public figures has gained significant attention. The accountability ⁤and transparency of politicians and officials are crucial for maintaining public trust and ensuring the integrity of democratic processes.

As the trial for David DePape begins, it⁣ serves as a reminder⁣ of the potential risks and⁤ threats faced by those in positions of power. While individuals may disagree on political matters, resorting ‍to violence and criminal acts is never justified. Such incidents ‍highlight the need for enhanced security measures‍ and robust law enforcement to protect public figures and prevent similar attacks in the future.

The outcome of ⁤the trial and the‍ resolution ⁤of the California criminal case ‍involving ⁣Nancy Pelosi will undoubtedly have significant implications. It remains to be seen how these developments will impact her political career and the broader‌ political landscape.

As the​ legal proceedings unfold,

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