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Ex-GOP governor labels Republican 2024 hopefuls as Trump’s ‘supporters’

Former GOP Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Takes a Stand on 2024 White House Hopefuls

In a recent interview on ABC’s This Week, former GOP Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan didn’t hold back when discussing the field of 2024 White House hopefuls. Hogan went as far as calling some of the candidates “enablers” of former President Donald Trump.

The panel focused their criticisms on candidates who have publicly voiced support for Trump, despite his recent criminal indictment for mishandling classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence.

“We’ve got 11, 12 challengers out there that aren’t challenging him,” Hogan stated. “And they’re sort of enablers and just making excuses. I don’t see anyone saying, ‘Why should we move on from Donald Trump?’ — with the exception of Chris Christie and maybe Asa Hutchinson, two of my former colleagues, both of whom are tough prosecutors and former U.S. attorneys that are thinking about it more seriously than some of the others.”

Hogan emphasized the seriousness of the situation, highlighting potential national security implications. He believes that anyone who refuses to acknowledge the facts should be disqualified from running, not just Trump.

Hogan himself had previously considered running for the presidency but ultimately decided against it.

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