Ex-GOP congressman appalled by Biden’s move to open Mexican border.

Former FBI Agent and Marine Veteran Speaks Out Against Biden’s Open Border Policies

Michael Grimm, a former FBI agent and Marine veteran who served in Congress, recently spoke to One America News about his concerns regarding President Joe Biden’s open border policies at the Mexican border. According to Grimm, his friends in federal law enforcement are “apoplectic” and “demoralized” by the situation. He stated that the border is “literally overrun” and that the system is not equipped to handle the number of apprehensions, with over 10,000 in just three days.

The Two-Fold Law Enforcement Problem

Grimm believes that Biden’s policies have created a twofold law enforcement problem, one at the border and one in the neighborhoods. He argues that the influx of illegal immigrants is driving down wages and wiping out jobs in impoverished areas, adding to the crime that is already present. He believes that Democrats will pay the price for these policies, as voters are the ones living with the consequences.

Pressure on the Democrat Party

Grimm predicts that voters will put pressure on the Democrat party to address the issue, and that Biden will eventually have to implement Donald Trump’s policies to stem the flow of illegal immigration. He cites the recent passing of the Secure the Border Act by House Republicans as evidence of this pressure.

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Neil W. McCabe is a national political correspondent based in Tallahassee, Florida. Before his current assignment, Neil covered the White House and Capitol Hill for OAN. He is a Bronze Star veteran of the Iraq War and continues to serve as a senior public affairs NCO in the Army Reserve. Follow him on Twitter: @neilwmccabe2 GETTR & TruthSocial: @ReporterMcCabe

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