Former Candidate Sean Parnell Endorses Dave McCormick in Pennsylvania Senate Race 


Sean Parnell, former President Donald Trump’s candidate in the Pennsylvania Senate race, endorsed Republican candidate Dave McCormick in the election on Thursday.

McCormick, who has ties to former President Donald Trump, resigned from his CEO position at hedge fund Bridgewater Associates on January 3 before officially launching his Senate campaign Thursday morning.

“I have been watching and hoping a candidate would emerge. Someone who could give me total confidence that they will fight for Pennsylvanians and never back down to the Woke mob, but that just hasn’t happened, until now,” Parnell told Fox News. “Dave McCormick is that candidate.”

Parnell earned Trump’s support in the election, but he suspended his campaign in November amid an ongoing custody battle with his wife.

Parnell and McCormick have been “talking about issues that are important to the commonwealth and discussing what it’s going to take to secure Pennsylvania’s future,” according to Fox News.

Parnell emphasized McCormick’s military service in his endorsement.

Anyone who has fought for our country on the battlefield has proven that they will sacrifice and put America’s interests over their own personal interests. It’s the very definition of America First. That tells me that when Dave gets to the Senate, we can rest assured that he will truly serve the interests of Pennsylvanians.

McCormick joins a heated race that includes celebrity candidate Dr. Oz. Along with fellow candidates Jeff Bartos and Kathy Barnette, Oz accused McCormick of moving to Pittsburg just to run for office. McCormick, who recently lived in Connecticut, insisted Pennsylvania has always been in his heart.

“I never left Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has always been in my heart, and sure I was in Connecticut, I was leading a great investment firm there, and I’ve lived the American dream, been successful. So I’m going to come back to Pennsylvania in service,” McCormick told local news.

“A combat vet from western PA who helped reignite the industrial flames of Pittsburgh–that’s someone we can all get behind,” Parnell concluded. “He’s the America First candidate in this race.”

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