Utah residents to receive second round of food stamps, up to $1,330, in five days.

Utah Residents Have Two More Opportunities to Obtain Food Stamps

Attention Utah residents! If you haven’t received your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payments yet, don’t worry. You still have two more chances to obtain your muchfood stamps, up to ,330, in five days.”>-needed food stamps.

What makes Utah unique is that it is the only state that delivers SNAP benefits on three different dates throughout the month. So, even if you missed the first round of payments on July 5, you can still expect two more rounds on July 11 and July 15.

Who is Eligible for SNAP Benefits?

Approximately 5% of Utah’s population, which amounts to 156,300 people, receive food stamps. The average payment per household member per month is $179. However, the maximum SNAP benefits vary depending on the household size.

  • For a household of three, the maximum benefit is $740.
  • For a household of six, the maximum benefit is $1,330.

Additionally, an extra $211 is added to the payment for each additional member in the household.

How to Use Your SNAP Benefits

Once you receive your SNAP benefits, they will be loaded onto a prepaid electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card. This card functions like a debit card and can be used at grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and even some online retailers.

So, make sure to take advantage of these remaining opportunities to obtain your food stamps and ensure you have access to the nourishment you and your family need.

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