FBI apprehends Florida Proud Boys member, Christopher Worrell, after 44-day escape.

The Florida Proud Boys Member Arrested ‍After Fleeing‌ Sentencing for Assaulting Police at the Capitol

A Florida Proud Boys ​member who evaded his⁣ sentencing for assaulting police officers​ with‍ pepper spray during the⁤ January 6th Capitol‌ attack was apprehended on⁢ September 28th after secretly⁤ returning to his home in Naples, Florida.

Christopher John Worrell, 52, had been ‍on the run since August 15th when a bench warrant was issued by U.S. District Judge Royce ‌Lamberth. The arrest warrant was unsealed on August 18th.

“FBI ⁤agents quickly surrounded ⁣and entered the residence. They discovered the ⁣52-year-old unconscious and immediately provided medical attention,” stated Andrea Aprea, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Tampa Field Office.​ “Worrell was transferred to an area hospital where ‍he remains at this time.”

During the search of his home, FBI agents discovered “night-vision goggles, $4,000 in cash, and survivalist gear,”⁤ according to the ‍FBI statement.

The FBI promptly informed the‌ Collier⁤ County Sheriff’s Office Counterterrorism Intelligence ‍Unit​ about Mr. Worrell’s return, leading to his arrest.

“Units responded and established a perimeter,” stated the‌ arrest report. ⁣“FBI units gained consent to enter the residence and found Christopher‌ Worrell unconscious on the kitchen floor.

“Medical attention⁤ was provided, and EMS ​arrived to transport⁣ Christopher ‍to the hospital for further treatment.”

Christopher J. Worrell​ was captured by the FBI in Naples, ⁤Fla., after skipping out ‍on his sentencing hearing for Jan. 6 crimes at ⁣the U.S. Capitol. (FBI)

Currently, Mr. Worrell is in custody of the​ Collier County Sheriff’s Office, facing potential charges of being a fugitive⁤ from justice, obstructing justice, and ​violating the terms‌ of his ‍release.

On May 12th, Mr.​ Worrell was⁣ found ⁣guilty of seven​ federal charges related to his​ involvement in the January 6th Capitol incident.

DOJ Sought 14 ⁢Years

Federal prosecutors recommended a 14-year prison sentence for ‌assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers ⁢with a dangerous weapon, obstruction of an official proceeding, entering restricted grounds with a deadly weapon, and other offenses.

Mr.‍ Worrell’s defense attorney, William Shipley, requested a sentence of 60 months probation with 30 months of home detention ‍to ensure his client’s ongoing treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Mr. Shipley ‍stated that he has ⁣not spoken to ⁤Mr. ⁢Worrell ‍since the September 28th arrest, with their last‍ conversation occurring on August 9th when Mr. Shipley‌ filed​ a⁢ sentencing memorandum.

The⁢ potential new‍ charges⁣ Mr. ‍Worrell ⁣may face ‌for his⁢ time ‍on the‌ run will depend on Judge Lamberth’s sentencing decision for the ‌trial ⁣verdicts, according to Mr. Shipley.

Mr. Worrell’s disappearance coincided⁤ with federal‍ prosecutors’ announcement of their intention to seek a⁤ 14-year prison term‌ and a fine of up to $181,000 in the case.

“The worst thing Chris was found ‌guilty of ⁢was a 2-second burst of pepper spray at ‌a group of officers 20 feet away,”‍ Mr. Shipley ⁣expressed‌ to ‌The Epoch⁤ Times in August. “Fourteen years? Murders in D.C. ​get shorter sentences.”

What did FBI agents discover during their search ⁣of Worrell’s residence, and how does it add ‌to the ‌concerns surrounding his actions?


Christopher John Worrell, a member of⁤ the Florida Proud Boys, was ​apprehended on September 28th after evading his sentencing⁣ for assaulting police officers with pepper spray during ‌the January 6th ⁣Capitol​ attack. Worrell ⁤had⁣ been ⁢on the run since ‍August 15th when a bench warrant was ‌issued ​by U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth. The arrest warrant was​ unsealed on August⁣ 18th.

According to⁢ Andrea Aprea, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Tampa Field Office, FBI agents swiftly surrounded and entered Worrell’s residence in Naples, Florida. They discovered the 52-year-old unconscious and provided immediate medical attention. Worrell was then transferred to a local hospital where he remains at this time.

During the search of his home, FBI agents found night-vision goggles, $4,000 in cash, and survivalist gear. This discovery further highlights the ⁤concerning nature of Worrell’s actions and potential intentions.

Upon learning of Worrell’s return, the FBI promptly informed the Collier County Sheriff’s Office Counterterrorism Intelligence Unit, which led to his arrest. The arrest report states that FBI units gained consent to enter the residence ⁣and found Worrell unconscious on the ‍kitchen floor. Medical attention was ‍provided, and EMS arrived to⁣ transport him to the hospital for further ⁣treatment.

Worrell’s arrest brings a sense ‍of justice for his assault on police officers during ‍the Capitol attack. This incident serves as a reminder that those who participate in acts of violence and assault ​against law⁣ enforcement‌ will be pursued and⁢ held accountable for their actions.

As investigations into the events of January 6th continue, it is⁤ crucial that law enforcement agencies work tirelessly ⁤to identify⁤ and apprehend ​individuals involved in criminal acts. The arrest⁤ of Christopher ‍Worrell represents a ‍step ⁤forward in ⁢the ongoing effort to bring all perpetrators to justice.

The related stories mentioned in ‍the article offer‌ additional context and information regarding Worrell’s actions and the‌ legal proceedings surrounding his case. It is ‍important for the​ public ‌to stay informed about these developments as they contribute to our⁤ understanding of the events of ​January ‌6th and the ⁤individuals involved.

Moving forward, it is essential for law enforcement agencies to remain vigilant and ⁣proactive in⁣ their ‌efforts to prevent and⁤ address acts of violence and assault against police officers and other members of‍ the community. By holding individuals accountable for their actions, we‍ can work towards a safer ⁣and more just ​society.

Furthermore, it is crucial for community members to report any suspicious activities or information related to potential criminal‌ acts. Cooperation between the public and law enforcement plays a significant role in maintaining public safety.

The arrest of Christopher John Worrell serves as a reminder that law enforcement​ agencies will not tolerate acts⁣ of violence and ⁤assault against our dedicated police ⁤officers. Through concerted⁣ efforts, we can uphold‍ the principles of justice and ensure the safety⁤ and well-being of our communities.

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