FLASHBACK: Media Once Adored Government Whistleblowers

The Media’s Changing Attitude Towards ‍Whistleblowers

The media ​celebrated and⁤ defended whistleblowers⁤ in ‍former president Donald Trump’s administration. ‌Not ⁤so much these ⁤days.

When two veteran IRS⁤ investigators testified before⁢ Congress on ‌Wednesday that‌ the Justice ‌Department interfered⁢ in their probe of the president’s ‍son, major news ⁣networks had‌ other places to be.

CNN,‌ MSNBC skip live coverage of IRS whistleblower hearing​ on ⁢explosive Hunter Biden probe claims https://t.co/c4TTZCyyZz

— Fox News (@FoxNews) July 20, 2023

ABC completely avoids on-air coverage of IRS whistleblowers in explosive hearing on Hunter Biden probe https://t.co/gXbVs79T5t

— Fox News (@FoxNews) July 20, 2023

On “Mornings with⁣ Maria⁢ Bartiromo,” the host mentioned @theMRC study⁢ on how the networks have done nothing on Biden bribery allegations. She also⁢ slammed how‍ ABC “News” simply‌ skipped the IRS whistleblower hearing because ‌it doesn’t ‍fit ‌their narrative. ⁢ pic.twitter.com/KJF4qO84PW

— Tim Graham (@TimJGraham) July 21, 2023

What coverage mainstream media gave the hearing was often ‍dismissive of the whistleblowers—or critical of the Republicans⁤ once again pouncing on the ‍president’s beleaguered son.

MSNBC’s @JoeNBC ‍slams “lies”⁢ from the anti-DoJ/IRS/FBI‍ “so-called” whistleblowers: “They’re just‌ throwing‌ things at the wall because they’re so desperate. They don’t want Americans to hear that a judge called Donald Trump a rapist …” pic.twitter.com/L6IuxaTkHR

— Tom‌ Elliott (@tomselliott) July 20, 2023

Nicolle Wallace accuses the FBI whistleblowers ⁢of​ “insubordination.”​ pic.twitter.com/gGkuNA5RcJ

— Citizen ​Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) May⁣ 18, 2023

Associated Press: “House Republicans raised unsubstantiated allegations Wednesday against President Joe​ Biden over ‌his ⁢family’s⁤ finances as they summoned IRS whistleblowers to testify publicly⁤ for⁤ the ‌first time⁤ about claims the Justice Department improperly interfered ⁤with a tax investigation into Biden’s son⁣ Hunter. … Still, House Republicans are deepening their own investigation, ​making broad claims of⁤ corruption and wrongdoing by the Bidens,​ which they acknowledge have⁤ not been‌ proven to be true.”

CNN: “Throughout the ​six-hour ⁤hearing, Democrats⁢ poked holes in some⁢ of the ‍whistleblowers’ claims and repeatedly⁢ noted that the Hunter Biden probe began under then-President Donald Trump and was overseen by a Trump-appointed prosecutor. They also accused Republicans of hypocritically focusing ⁢on the Biden family’s finances ⁢while ignoring possible conflicts tied to Trump’s business empire.”

Washington Post:‍ “Marjorie‍ Taylor Greene’s Explicit Visuals ⁣at Hunter Biden Hearing Draw Rebuke”:

Rep. ​Marjorie Taylor‌ Greene (R-Ga.) on Wednesday showed what appeared to be sexually explicit images of Hunter Biden, President ⁢Biden’s‍ son, during a hearing of the House Oversight and Accountability⁢ Committee, ⁤drawing immediate rebukes from Democratic ⁣members ​of the panel.

Flashback: It was just a few ⁣years ago that ⁣the media were hailing whistleblowers in the⁢ federal government as⁤ brave truth tellers.

Lt.⁤ Col. Vindman invoked ⁢his father in telling ‌the nation why he⁣ decided ⁢to ⁤testify in Trump impeachment⁤ inquiry: “Do not​ worry. I will be fine for⁣ telling ⁢the truth.” pic.twitter.com/PNxse9wSy7

— MSNBC‌ (@MSNBC) February ⁤7, ⁣2020

New York Times: “I Am‍ Part of the Resistance ‌Inside the‍ Trump Administration”:

The Times is taking the‌ rare step of⁤ publishing⁢ an anonymous Op-Ed essay. We have done so at the⁤ request⁣ of⁣ the author, a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us​ and whose job would⁣ be ​jeopardized by its disclosure. We believe publishing this ‍essay⁢ anonymously is the only way to deliver‍ an important perspective to our readers. We invite you to submit a question about the essay or‍ our vetting process here.

CNN: “Author of​ 2018 ‘Anonymous’​ Op-Ed Critical ⁣of Trump ⁣Revealed”:

The anonymous senior ⁣Trump administration official who wrote ⁤a 2018 New York Times op-ed and a subsequent book critical ‌of President Donald Trump is Miles Taylor, he revealed in a⁣ statement to‌ CNN​ on Wednesday.

Taylor, ⁤who was chief of staff to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, wrote a lengthy⁢ statement explaining why he penned ⁣the ⁢2018 op-ed declaring he was part of the “resistance” inside the Trump administration working to thwart Trump’s worst inclinations. Taylor said that he wanted ​to force Trump to respond to the⁤ charges he was leveling without the​ ability to‍ attack the‌ messenger ⁢specifically. ​Trump called the⁢ op-ed treasonous.

Taylor joined⁣ CNN as a contributor in September 2020.

New York Times: “Meet Alexander Vindman, the Colonel⁣ Who Testified on Trump’s Phone ⁣Call”:

He fled Ukraine at⁤ age 3 and became a⁤ soldier, scholar ​and official at the White House.​ That’s where, he told impeachment investigators, he witnessed alarming behavior by⁢ President Trump. …

And on Tuesday,​ Colonel Vindman’s past and ​present converged as⁣ he became a star witness ‍in the impeachment‍ inquiry into President Trump, which⁢ is centered on the president’s dealings with the colonel’s native Ukraine.

Ensconced ⁣in the secure ⁢hearing rooms ‍of the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in a midnight-blue dress uniform, ⁤a ‌bevy of ​ribbons pinned to ‍his chest,⁢ Colonel Vindman testified privately from morning until‍ night. He recounted for House investigators how he was so alarmed ‍by the president’s request to⁣ enlist Ukraine to⁣ smear his⁣ political rivals, and similar efforts by Mr. Trump’s allies,‌ that he reported them to his superiors—twice.

His ‍heritage gave Colonel Vindman, who is fluent ‍in both Ukrainian and Russian, unique insight ⁣into ⁣Mr. Trump’s pressure ⁣campaign; on numerous occasions, Ukrainian officials sought him out for ⁢advice‍ about how to deal with Mr. Giuliani.

Colonel Vindman’s testimony was sprinkled with references to duty, honor ‍and patriotism—but also his life as an⁢ immigrant and a refugee.

Daily Beast: “I Was a Whistleblower. The Trump Whistleblower ⁣Is About to Go Through Hell.”

In my two⁤ decades ⁣of helping ‌federal​ whistleblowers, I have never seen a ⁤professional and constitutional crisis of this ‍magnitude. But now a ‌whistleblower ‌has effectively completed the task Special Counsel Robert Mueller failed to do: focus the public debate on ⁣the president. ‍The American people now⁤ understand the question ⁢before⁣ the Republic, even if they have not ‌provided the answer, yet.

Same⁤ energy: On Thursday, Republicans released evidence in ⁢another⁢ of their investigations of alleged Biden⁢ family corruption. But the FBI report detailing claims of⁢ a bribery scheme involving Joe and Hunter⁤ Biden failed to meet the media’s suddenly lofty standards​ for scandalous intel ​about ​a president.

Here’s the entirety of CNN⁤ & ⁣MSNBC’s coverage of new, hard evidence implicating the president in ⁤a criminal bribery scheme

“The White ​House sharply criticized Republicans for pushing long-debunked claims.” pic.twitter.com/x6bNbb6ZbO

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) ‍ July⁤ 21, 2023

Business Insider: “The FBI is Furious Chuck ⁢Grassley Released an Internal Document That Makes Unverified Claims About⁣ Hunter‌ And Joe‍ Biden Accepting ⁤Bribes”

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