Biden Reprimanded for Inappropriate Behavior with Ambassador’s Wife

There’s‌ something not quite right about President Joe‌ Biden.

No, ‍this has nothing to⁢ do with allegations of bribery,‍ his ​refusal⁣ to ‍acknowledge⁣ his granddaughter (to⁣ be fair, he ⁣was recently shamed into‍ it), any of his boneheaded policymaking, or his seemingly ‍giddy eagerness to weaponize the Department of Justice.

For the sake ​of ‌this argument, let’s​ say the ⁢octogenarian ⁢in chief ⁤was⁣ actually a Boy Scout⁢ who would never accept a dime ⁢from, ⁢say, a Ukrainian energy company. Let’s ⁣also say that‌ he’s a doting and attentive grandfather, that “Bidenomics”⁤ is‌ better than ⁣“Reaganomics,” ​and that he⁢ would⁤ never, ever use the DOJ to​ lock ⁤up ⁢his⁢ chief political rival.

Let’s remove all of ⁤that ‌from the equation. ‌What are you left with?

Just a creepy old dude.

This unfortunate tale comes⁣ from⁣ former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, who also served⁤ as U.S. ambassador to New⁤ Zealand and Samoa under former President ⁣ Donald ‌Trump.

On an episode of the “Burn Barrel” podcast, Brown shared an all-too-familiar⁢ anecdote ‍about the⁤ time then-Vice President Biden met his wife ⁣and ‌got ⁢a bit too handsy ⁣for his liking.

“When you got sworn in ⁢as senator, was he, like, hair-sniffing [your wife] Gail or handsy with Gail, or ​did I imagine that?” host Tom Shattuck ⁣asked.

“Yeah, I told him I’d kick the s*** out…” Brown said, ​trailing ⁤off a bit​ after⁢ the ‌conversation turned PG-13. “I told him to stop, so yes.”

When ⁢asked​ to‌ elaborate, Brown dismissed the story as “old‌ news.”

“He didn’t act ⁤the way I ‌thought he⁢ should, and, you know, we called him on ​it,” he said. ⁣“And, you know, that’s it.”

When​ asked if he called out Biden to his face, Brown ‌matter-of-factly​ responded, “Oh⁤ yeah.”

WARNING: The following⁢ video contains language ⁤that some ⁤viewers may find offensive.

Look, whatever happened​ between‍ Biden​ and Brown’s wife is indeed “old news” at this point. (This would have‌ happened in 2010.) ⁣And, to​ be fair to Biden, this is just one side of the story.

But, to be fair in general,⁢ Biden’s past behaviors and​ comments make⁢ this story absolutely believable.

And⁢ no, it’s not just‍ the hair-sniffing or weird nibbling that makes⁣ Biden ‍seem like such a lecherous creep.

Tara Reade is the first ⁤name that comes to ​mind ⁢when you think of his behavior with women. Reade has long⁢ accused Biden of‍ sexually assaulting her⁢ during​ her time as an ‌aide in his Senate office in the 1990s, although Biden has never ‍been charged.

So, again, ​let’s ⁤say the economy is in great shape, we’re projecting strength‍ on the world stage and a ‍wildly ⁣popular ​Biden is cruising toward a second term.

You’re still left ⁢with someone who clearly has no respect for women or the sanctity of marriage, which will always‌ make him a failure⁣ of‌ a⁢ man and ​a leader.

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