Fani Willis received donation from a Trump judge, as per financial records

(L)Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testifies during a hearing in ‍the case of the ⁣State of⁣ Georgia v. Donald John Trump at‍ the Fulton County Courthouse‌ on February 15, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Alyssa Pointer-Pool/Getty ‍Images) / (R) Fulton County Superior Judge Scott⁤ McAfee listens as⁤ lawyers argue‍ during a⁢ hearing in the⁤ case of the State of Georgia v. Donald John Trump at the‍ Fulton County Courthouse on February 16, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia.‍ (Photo by Alyssa Pointer-Pool/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
12:02 PM – Friday, February 23, ⁤2024

Judge Scott McAfee of⁣ Fulton County⁤ Superior Court, who is overseeing​ the ‍lawsuit involving Donald Trump, financially donated to Fani Willis’ campaign ​in the past, according to records obtained by‍ the press.


However, legal experts refuted one news network’s allegation that this fact seems to be a conflict of⁣ interest in regards to⁢ the Trump ‍case.

“The donation ⁤ […] ​though small, appears⁣ to present a conflict of interest for Judge‌ McAfee. Judges are supposed to be impartial and avoid ‍any appearance of ⁣a conflict of interest. The judge donated to ⁢Willis in June 2020, ⁤while working⁣ for Joe Biden’s DOJ,” the journalist’s⁣ tweet read.

Online users also chimed in and corrected the journalist on one of his statements.

Atlanta News‍ First chief investigator Brendan​ Keefe wrote, “Joe Biden‌ wasn’t president in 2020. Trump was for ⁣all of 2020,” he‌ said, correcting Husebø’s claims that in 2020 McAfee was working for Biden’s DOJ.

However, ‌another legal analyst, Philip ‍Holloway, disagreed that this discovery was simply a “nothingburger,” as Democrats have labeled ⁢it.

“The donation itself…​ was made‌ prior to his becoming a judge,”⁤ legal analyst Philip‌ Holloway told The Daily Caller. “But⁤ failure to disclose to the defendants a political donation⁤ to the prosecutor⁣ can be seen as a present appearance of a conflict of‍ interest. Judges are required‌ to⁢ avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest,” Holloway maintained.

It is anticipated that the judge will soon make‍ a decision regarding the prosecution‍ of ⁤the former president in Georgia. Trump and‌ the other 14 defendants are charged with plotting to manipulate⁤ the outcome of the state’s⁣ 2020‍ presidential election.

Recently, Willis has come under increased scrutiny since she hired Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor in the case who was romantically ‌involved with the DA on the down-low, keeping⁢ the secret from colleagues.

The two finally acknowledged their relationship, but denied any misconduct, arguing that Willis should not be ​removed from the case and that their prior relationship ⁣was not a conflict of interest. The ⁢district attorney also vehemently refuted ‍claims that she was financially benefiting from the arrangement.

Additionally,‍ The New‍ York Times revealed⁤ in August‌ of 2020 that Judge McAfee had worked for Willis at the Fulton County ‌District Attorney’s Office before her election victory.

Previously, a longtime former county prosecutor ⁣who was accused‌ of ‌wrongdoing was removed by Willis.

Willis ran for ⁢office in 2020 and promised​ not to engage in sexual misconduct, as her predecessor was ‌accused of doing. She then took office on January 1st, ⁤2021. When reports of Willis’s personal affair and the associated financial consequences emerged, the irony of her campaign ‍pledge ​became clear.

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⁤Does Judge McAfee’s⁤ previous donation to Fani Willis’ campaign constitute‌ a ⁢conflict of interest in the Trump case?

Title: Judge’s Previous Donation Sparks Debate in Trump Case


The ongoing lawsuit involving former President Donald⁣ Trump has taken an ⁤intriguing turn, with‍ reports revealing that ‌Judge Scott McAfee, presiding over the case, had ‍financially contributed to Fani Willis’ campaign‍ in the past. This revelation has led ⁣to discussions on whether it ⁢presents a conflict of interest. Legal experts have‍ weighed in on the matter, providing​ differing perspectives. In⁣ this ⁢article, we will examine the controversy surrounding Judge McAfee’s past‍ donation⁢ and its implications for the Trump case.


The donation ‍made by Judge McAfee to Fani ⁤Willis’ campaign was⁤ disclosed through records obtained by the press. However, one news ‌network’s allegation that this constitutes a conflict of interest has been refuted by legal experts. According to the network, judges are expected to be impartial and avoid⁤ any appearance of⁢ a conflict ⁤of interest. The journalist’s ⁣tweet highlighting this issue‍ garnered attention ‌on social media.

Expert Opinions:

Notably, one legal analyst, Philip Holloway, disagreed with the ‍argument that the donation presents‍ a conflict of interest. Holloway pointed out that the ⁢donation was made before McAfee became ​a judge, emphasizing‍ that‌ judges are required to ​avoid ⁤even the appearance of a conflict of interest. However, failure ​to disclose the political donation to the defendants could be seen as a potential conflict of interest. Holloway argued that judges should⁣ be transparent to maintain public trust in the judicial system.

The Decision:

The judge is expected to make a decision ⁣soon regarding the prosecution of Donald Trump‍ and the other defendants in Georgia. They are charged⁤ with allegedly attempting to ‍manipulate the outcome of⁤ the state’s 2020‍ presidential election. The controversy surrounding⁢ Judge‌ McAfee’s previous donation has added another layer of complexity to the case.

Increased Scrutiny on Fani Willis:

Recently, Fani Willis has faced increased scrutiny due to her hiring of Nathan Wade,⁢ a special prosecutor engaged in a⁣ secret romantic relationship with the district attorney. Despite ​acknowledging their relationship, both Willis and⁤ Wade deny any misconduct and assert that their prior connection does not constitute a conflict of‍ interest in the case. ⁢Additionally, Judge McAfee’s past affiliation with Willis at the Fulton⁣ County ⁢District Attorney’s Office has‌ been ⁤revealed, further stirring discussion.


The revelation of ​Judge‌ McAfee’s past​ donation to Fani ⁢Willis’ campaign⁢ has raised questions about whether it presents a conflict of interest in the Trump case. Legal experts have⁣ provided varying perspectives on ‍the‍ matter, highlighting the importance of transparency and avoiding any appearance of partiality. As the case unfolds, the judge’s decision regarding the prosecution of the former president will‍ be closely watched, given the potential implications for the ⁤defendants and ​the public’s perception of the​ judicial system.

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