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Final Oath Keeper trial ends in four convictions of obstruction on Jan. 6

The final trial of the Oath Keepers for their involvement in the Jan. 6 riot resulted in convictions for four of the defendants. Sandra Parker, Laura Steele, Connie Meggs, and William Isaacs were convicted of conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding and obstructing Congress’s work. They were also charged with destruction of government property, according to the New York Times. The remaining two defendants, Bennie Parker and Michael Greene, were found guilty only of entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds. The group is not accused of entering the Capitol on Jan. 6, and charges for the remaining defendants were still being deliberated at the time of the report.

The Oath Keepers group has been a focal point of discussion regarding the Jan. 6 riot and accusations of a coordinated effort to overthrow the U.S. government. The organization’s leader, Stewart Rhodes, was convicted of seditious conspiracy in November, and four others were found guilty of the same charge in January. This particular trial was the only one in which the defendants were not accused of seditious conspiracy, and it was the least serious of the three trials.

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