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Less illegal immigration, but more successful escapes.

Illegal Immigration from Mexico to the US Drops, but “Got-Aways” Increase

The number of immigrants illegally entering the United States from Mexico has dropped off significantly over the past two weeks, but the rate of “got-aways” has increased.

A recent analysis of federal law enforcement data by the Washington Examiner revealed that the number of illegal immigrants entering the US from Mexico has decreased in the past two weeks. However, the rate of “got-aways” has increased, indicating that more people are crossing the border illegally without being caught.


  • In the week leading up to the pandemic-era policy Title 42 ending on May 11, Border Patrol agents apprehended 67,759 people and observed approximately 15,780 people who crossed illegally but got away.
  • In the week following Title 42’s ending, agents encountered 55% fewer people, 28,473, yet observed 9,571 people cross and then get away.
  • Roughly 1 person evaded police for every 4.3 who were caught before Title 42 ended, and roughly 1 person evaded police for every 2.5 intercepted after Title 42 ended.

These statistics suggest that the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border has decreased, but those who do cross are more likely to evade police.

Possible Reasons

An immigration policy expert at the Washington Office on Latin America proposed that the decrease in the percentage of immigrants seeking asylum may be a reason for the increase in “got-aways.” Asylum seekers often surrender to Border Patrol, but those who are not seeking asylum may be less likely to turn themselves in.

Adam Isacson, WOLA’s director for defense insight, tweeted, “Why is Border Patrol reporting a much higher % of migrants evading apprehension (‘got-aways’) now, when there are far fewer migrants? My guess: a steep drop in asylum seekers due to the new rule, leaving a migrant population who are far less likely to want to turn themselves in.”


The ending of Title 42 also means tougher consequences for entering the country without authorization. Illegal immigrants caught after May 12 will face a five-year ban on applying through lawful admission avenues, making it more desirable to get in without incident on one’s first attempt.

Overall, while the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border has decreased, the increase in “got-aways” suggests that the situation is still far from under control.

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