Federal Tyrants Weaponize Law Enforcement To Destroy Trump, Create Police State

The FBI was once the most trusted and respected law enforcement agency in the world. As we witness the destruction of that reputation because of their corrupt leaders bowing to the whims of tyrannical politicians, we are once again reminded of the dire effects of extreme politics on policing.

In the federal government, and in police departments across the country, politics and law enforcement are intertwined. Ensuring the safety of the citizenry and preserving our constitutional, God given rights is the number one responsibility of our elected leaders. If you haven’t noticed, they are failing us.

The FBI, the most powerful law enforcement agency in the nation, has apparently become completely politicized. Our federal government’s armed enforcers are brazenly abusing their power to target political opponents on the right. Combine that with leftist politicians and their lap dogs in the media attacking, defunding and crippling the state and local police departments and we have a recipe for disaster.

Weakening the police in our cities and towns leads to chaos and disorder, giving tyrants at the federal level an excuse to abuse their authority.

Laws must be enforced with integrity. There must be trust and respect that the police and the courts will mete out justice fairly and equitably by seeking only the truth without being swayed by personal or political ideology.

An incident where left wing lunatics attacked a Federal Courthouse in Portland or burned down a police precinct in Seattle is no different than one in which right wing fanatics stormed the Capitol. The suspects should be prosecuted and punished with equal fervor. But today, under a Democrat president and his leftist puppeteers, along with a democratic majority in both houses of congress, the laws are being selectively enforced and the suspects punished based on their political stripe.

Hillary Clinton destroying evidence and possessing classified documents on an unauthorized server should be as vigorously prosecuted as former president Trump allegedly hiding classified documents at Mar-A-Lago.

When I was in the police academy in 1982 as a 21 year-old kid, one of my instructors impressed upon us the power we were being given when we pinned that badge on our chest. He said, “You are now part of a select group who have the power to take away someone’s freedom and even their life. Think about how precious that freedom is and what an awesome responsibility you are being given to protect it.” 

Those words have stayed with me for over forty years and it turns my stomach to see spineless, gutless leaders in the FBI, their puppet master in the Justice Department Merrick Garland, and their useful idiots in the media behaving more like Josef Stalin’s secret police than a legitimate law enforcement agency.

Lavrentiy Beria, the notorious head of Stalin’s ruthless death squad, once stated, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” Isn’t that exactly what is going on today with some in our federal government and their dogged pursuit of former President Trump?

Like Stalin and Beria, these partisan hacks are still trying to find the crime that will stick to Trump while the criminals in the swamp – who illegally spied on his campaign and worse – continue to go unpunished.

Maybe they’ll finally get Trump for something as innocuous as tearing off his mattress tags.

The rogue behavior displayed by the FBI should be extremely troubling to all of us. The pre-dawn raid of Trump associate Roger Stone’s home on January 25th 2019 is a prime example. The FBI stormed Stone’s home at 5AM with more than two-dozen heavily armed agents in Flak Jackets, some with long guns drawn, containing 30 round magazines of ammunition.

I led and participated in the execution of hundreds of warrants during my police career, many of them entering places where we knew there would be dangerous, violent, armed criminals on the other side of the door. Not once in my two plus decades of policing did we utilize that kind of firepower, and certainly never against a 78 year-old man accused of lying to the FBI, his 75 year old deaf wife and two small fluffy white dogs. And not once did we bring a CNN film crew along to witness our “valor”. This was a disgraceful, pathetic abuse of authority. Every agent involved should be ashamed and every citizen of this country outraged.

If you pay attention to the news, we are rapidly becoming a police state. The media tools at CNN, MSNBC and the other propaganda outlets are polishing the boots of Biden and his Gestapo justice department while they target almost every attorney or close Trump associate who may have expressed legitimate concerns about the results of the 2020 presidential election.

This motivation is to dissuade prominent attorneys from defending the former president and to weaken his ability to surround himself with competent advisors.

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