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Titanic tourist sub missing, fears grow with five possibly aboard.

A Submarine Vanishes While Exploring the Titanic

A thrilling adventure turned into a mystery when a submarine, operated by OceanGate Expeditions, disappeared during a tour to explore the depths of the Atlantic and witness the wreckage of the iconic Titanic. The submarine, which takes tourists on a 10-day journey for a hefty price of $250,000, submerges for hours at a time from a vessel high above the seabed where the Titanic rests, 2.5 miles below the surface and 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

The news of the missing submarine spread like wildfire on social media, igniting concerns for the safety of the five people believed to be aboard. The Boston Coastguard, as reported by the BBC, immediately launched efforts to locate the vessel and its passengers.

“Prayers for everyone involved,” said one user. “The titanic to the titanic 🙁 so sad,” said another. “My worst ever nightmare. I hope they are all safe,” tweeted a third.

“I wouldn’t call this ironic, but it’s pretty damn close,” said one user. “The sea is an unforgiving place for terrestrial animals,” a different user said.

“The OPA (orca planet alliance) declined to comment,” said one user, alluding to recent reports of killer whales accosting boats. “To all the people making jokes, I pray you never have to face that nightmare,” commented another user.

The Titanic, famously known for its tragic sinking during its maiden voyage in April 1912, claimed the lives of over 1,500 people. The wreckage of the ship was discovered in 1985, lying 13,000 feet underwater on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. This discovery led to further exploration, a blockbuster movie, and deep-sea tourism.

As news of the missing tourist vessel spread, people shared their insights and commentary, hoping for updates on the search-and-rescue operation. Steve Lookner of Agenda-Free TV pointed out that the article lacked details about the missing submarine, but mentioned that the “Titan” submersible, capable of carrying three tourists, was involved.

He shared a link to a Robb Report article from May 2022, which detailed the luxurious Titanic getaway offered by OceanGate Expeditions. Curiously, the website for OceanGate Expeditions seemed to be overwhelmed with visitors, displaying a “Service Unavailable” message.

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