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FBI Official Disagrees with Whistleblower on Hunter Biden Probe

An FBI official ‌has⁢ contradicted a whistleblower who says the prosecutor investigating President Joe Biden’s son did not have authority to⁣ bring charges against Hunter Biden outside Delaware.

Gary Shapley, an​ IRS agent who became a whistleblower, made ​the allegation in notes⁣ after an Oct.​ 7, ⁤2022, ‍meeting with U.S. Attorney David Weiss, the prosecutor, and again in recent sworn ⁢testimony.

His supervisor has backed his account.

But Thomas Sobocinski, the FBI official, said he did ​not recall Mr.​ Weiss making such a statement.

“If he would have said⁣ that, I ​would⁣ have ‌remembered it,” Mr. Sobocinski said during a transcribed interview with the House Judiciary Committee this month.

The transcript⁤ was reviewed by The Epoch ​Times.

Mr. Shapley made notes on the meeting within hours of it occurring. “Weiss stated that ‍he​ is not the deciding person on ‍whether charges are filed,” Mr. Shapley wrote.

Mr. Sobocinski, who was also at the meeting, acknowledged he never made any notes on‌ the meeting.

But he insisted ⁣that ​nothing in the meeting changed his position on Mr. Weiss’s ⁣charging authority.

“I went in believing he was ​the deciding official, and I left believing the same,” Mr. Sobocinski said.

​ Mr. Weiss eventually charged Mr. Biden⁢ with crimes‍ in federal court in Delaware. ‍After ⁢a plea deal fell apart, Mr. Biden’s tax charges were⁢ dismissed and he is slated to ‍stand trial on ‌a felony gun charge.

Mr. Weiss Changes Position

Mr. Weiss, appointed under President Donald Trump, told members of Congress earlier this‍ year that he had ‌”ultimate authority over this matter, including responsibility for⁤ deciding where, when, and whether⁢ to file charges.”

He ​later ⁢told‌ members that his charging authority was “limited” to Delaware. ​If he wanted to bring ‌charges⁣ elsewhere, he would need to “partner” with the local U.S. attorney.

That attorney could reject⁢ the request, Mr. Weiss said. If that happened, he could ​request ‌special attorney status.

“I have been assured⁤ that, if ⁣necessary after⁤ the above process, I would be granted § 515 Authority in the‌ District of Columbia, the Central District of California, or any other district where charges could be brought in this matter,” Mr. Weiss said.

According to Mr. Shapley’s⁤ notes, Mr. Weiss described going⁣ to U.S. Attorney for the District ‌of Columbia Matthew Graves with ⁣charges against‍ Mr.⁢ Biden but that ‍Mr. Graves, appointed by President Biden, “said they ‌could not ‌charge in his district.”

A case was also ⁢presented to the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California Martin Estrada, another appointee of ⁣President Biden, and Mr. Estrada ‍had not yet made a decision, the notes stated.

Mr. Weiss asked to be made special counsel ⁢but was denied by the Department of Justice, according to the notes.

Mr. Weiss has said the department informed ‌him ⁣he ⁤would‌ be given special counsel authority if requested, ⁤and he was appointed special ⁤counsel by ⁣Attorney General Merrick Garland in⁢ August.

Mr. Garland has told Congress‌ that Mr. Weiss was “permitted to … make a decision to prosecute any way in which ⁤he wanted to ⁤and in⁤ any district in which he wanted to.”

IRS investigators were blocked by the Department of Justice from taking some investigative steps, records Mr. Shapley and another whistleblower have produced show.

Mr. Sobocinski later acknowledged that the system ⁤for U.S. attorneys bringing charges in other jurisdictions could ⁤be ​interpreted as needing approval.

⁢ “There was administrative ⁢process ⁤that people may ⁤have referred to as approval within the IRS,” he said. He said he did not know the intricacies of the ⁣process, “but it ‍definitely seemed very cumbersome.”

More ​on Testimony

Mr. Sobocinski, ⁢the special agent in charge of the FBI field office in Baltimore,‍ Maryland since July 2021, was helping oversee FBI⁣ agents involved‌ in the investigation.

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