FBI probes 100 letters with white powder sent to Kansas lawmakers.

Republican Lawmakers in Kansas Receive Mysterious Letters

Republican lawmakers and officials in Kansas were recently targeted with a series of unsettling letters containing white powder. The FBI and state investigators have now joined forces to investigate this concerning situation.

Investigation Underway

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation confirmed that approximately 100 letters with white powder were sent to legislators and public officials across the state. Samples of the letters were sent to a specialized laboratory for testing potential biological samples. Preliminary tests have shown that the substance is not a common biological agent, but further testing is required to determine its components.

Collaborative Efforts

The FBI and Kansas Department of Health and Environment are actively involved in the investigation. Thankfully, no injuries or illnesses have been reported thus far.

Lawmakers Express Gratitude

State House Speaker Daniel Hawkins, a Republican, received one of the letters. His office expressed gratitude towards the various agencies involved in ensuring the safety of lawmakers and retrieving the envelopes.

Republican state Rep. Stephen Owens also received a letter with the powder. Owens believes that only Republicans were targeted. The letter contained a chilling message: “It’s important not to choke on your ambition,” signed by “your secret despiser.”

The letter, which used multiple fonts, was postmarked June 14. Owens expressed concern that the incident may be related to recent vetoes overridden by the Republican-led state legislature, including one that prohibits transgender athletes from competing on women’s sports teams.

Owens received the letter from a constituent, as the return address belonged to a church in his district. He described the act as deliberate and intentional, aimed at getting recipients to open the letters.

Violence and threats do nothing to change one’s perspective. As a matter of fact, they only serve to further divide us. It is crucial that we address our differences through peaceful and constructive means.


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