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FBI initiates criminal probe into vessel involved in Francis Scott Key Bridge crash

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The FBI opened an investigation into the cargo ship that struck and took down the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore last month.

According to those familiar with the topic, the investigation will look into whether the crew members onboard knew there were problems with the ship when they left the port. The Dali, a 984-foot-long vessel carrying shipping containers, experienced a “complete blackout” minutes before colliding with the bridge. The ship was managed by Synergy Marine Group.

Earlier this month, the Singaporean company filed a preemptive filing in the U.S. district court in Baltimore to limit liability. It asked the court to “issue an order enjoining the commencement of or further prosecution of any claims or causes of action against Petitioners except in this action” and that the court “determine that Petitioners are not liable for any loss or damage arising out of the Casualty.”

The criminal investigation being executed by the FBI is different from the investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board into the cause of the crash.


President Joe Biden and Gov. Wes Moore (D-MD) have pledged to hold any party at fault in the crash responsible.

The FBI did not respond to the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

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