FBI Agent alerts Biden Transition and Secret Service about Hunter Biden interview plan.

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OAN’s Noah Herring
11:48 AM – Monday,⁣ August 14, 2023

A former FBI agent informed the House Oversight Committee last ‍month that the agency tipped off President⁢ Biden’s transition team and Secret Service about plans ⁢to interview Hunter ​Biden in December‍ 2020, ‍supporting a key testimony from an IRS whistleblower.


Joe Gordon, the ex-FBI supervisory special agent mentioned in whistleblower Gary ⁢Shapley’s testimony,​ told ⁣the panel that his “higher ups” gave the Secret Service a‍ forewarned heads-up about the questions Hunter was scheduled to answer, rather than only notifying the local field office.

The Secret Service’s warning to‍ the ⁢Biden administration ruined plans⁣ to interview Hunter and other witnesses as part of a “Day of Action” set for Dec. 8th, 2020, which⁣ was days‌ after the first son received protection from the Secret Service following Joe Biden’s presidential election.

Gordon and ‌Shapley were not permitted to go near Hunter’s house, a​ restriction‍ the ​former FBI agent said he had never been given in his 20-year career in federal law enforcement.

Additionally, both were told to wait ⁣for a⁢ phone call on December 8th from the Secret Service, giving them authorization to interview Hunter. Gordon and Shapely both testified that the phone call never came.

Oversight Republicans claimed that the testimony furthered evidence ​that U.S. ⁢Attorney David Weiss mishandled the ⁢Hunter investigations.

In the wake of these ‌allegations, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland named Weiss as Special Counsel, ​weeks after the Hunter plea deal fell⁢ through in federal court.

“We have no confidence in U.S. Attorney⁤ Weiss as Special‌ Counsel given his inability to⁣ prevent the Biden transition team from being contacted and other misconduct​ during the Biden criminal investigation,” Oversight GOP lawmakers said⁢ Monday on X, the site formerly known as Twitter.

The phone call​ on December 7th, 2020, warned “a group of people very close to President Biden and Hunter Biden and gave this group an opportunity to ⁣obstruct the approach on the witnesses,” Shapely pointed out.

“Gordon and I waited in ⁢the car outside of Hunter Biden’s‍ California residence waiting for ⁢a phone call,” he said. “It was no ‌surprise⁤ that the​ phone call SSA Gordon⁤ received was from his ASAC Alfred Watson, who informed us that Hunter Biden would contact us through his attorneys.”

“We received a telephone⁤ call later that ⁢morning ⁢from Hunter Biden’s attorneys, ⁣who said he would accept service for any document requests, but we couldn’t talk to his client,” he added.

Prior to Gordon’s testimony,‍ the‍ FBI also sent a letter warning him against sharing “deliberations or ongoing investigative activity.”

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