Fast and Furious star files lawsuit against Home Depot for alleged racial bias.

Fast and Furious Actor Tyrese Gibson Seeks Justice Against Home Depot

Renowned actor Tyrese Gibson, known for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise, is taking a stand against Home Depot, demanding more than $1 million in compensation. Gibson alleges that he was a victim of racial ⁢discrimination by the ​store’s employees.

Gibson filed a lawsuit recounting the incident that took place at a Home Depot in West Hills, California. Accompanied by two colleagues⁤ working on a construction ‌project, Gibson‌ visited the store to purchase materials. The cashier, seemingly taking an unusually long time to scan ‌his items, caught the attention of several shoppers who recognized the actor.

Trying to avoid any unnecessary attention, Gibson⁢ decided to let his colleagues,⁢ Eric Mora and Manuel Hernandez, complete the purchase using his credit card while he waited in ⁢the car. However, the store refused to accept‌ the card from ‌Mora‌ and Hernandez, insisting that Gibson return inside and provide identification. Frustrated, Gibson attempted to resolve‌ the issue through a video phone call, but was ultimately forced to reenter the store.

Inside, a heated discussion ensued between Gibson and the cashier, which the actor later⁣ shared on Instagram. In the lawsuit, Gibson claims that⁤ the actions of the⁤ cashier and manager were discriminatory based on race and origin.

Seeking justice, Gibson and his colleagues are⁢ demanding $1 million in damages for the‍ “humiliating and demeaning” encounter ‍they experienced. They view it as a clear‌ example of discriminatory mistreatment and consumer racial profiling.

Home Depot’s Response

A spokesperson for‍ Home Depot emphasized that ‌the company does not tolerate discrimination and made efforts to address ⁣Gibson’s concerns through legal discussions.

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