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Far-Left Climate Activist Resigns In Disgrace Over Sexual Misconduct Accusations at Indigo Girls-Backed Org: Report

A far-left weather advocate was forced to resign this week in disgrace from an environmental organization she helped found after a jury gave an ex-worker hundreds of thousands of dollars because the company did not thoroughly look into allegations of sexual abuse.

Winona LaDuke, a Native American environmentalist who co-founded Honor the Earth with the Indigo Girls — whose band members Amy Ray and Emily Saliers also support far-left causes— resigned from her position as executive director of the group.

The Minnesota Reformer reported that Margaret Campbell received$ 750,000 from a Minnesota judge this month” for sexual abuse, psychological suffering, and retribution, after Campbell reported the complaints to LaDuke and other business leaders” and that she was not protected.

According to Campbell’s lawyer, Christy Hall of Gender Justice,” She reported the abuse to her boss, but rather than protecting her, the business protected her harasser at her cost.” However, Margaret did not budge. Her case and the jury verdict’s serve as a crucial reminder of the duty it is for every company to put an end to workplace harassment and abuse.

Before claiming that Campbell was the victim of” colonial carceral court systems ,” LaDuke claimed in a Facebook post that she was to blame for failing to defend the organization from sexual harassment.

LaDuke asserted that Native Peoples are the target of the jury system’s punitive’s, white, coercive system. ” In such a community, it was expected that Honor the Earth would be fined staggeringly and disproportionately.”

The Indigo Girls praised LaDuke in a proclamation declaring that she would no longer serve as the organization’s leader’s, despite the verdict of the jury.

They wrote on Facebook,” Working under her coaching these next 30 years has been the prerogative of a career, and we will continue to learn from Winona as she does her life work.” We will always be appreciative of Winona LaDuke’s tireless’s efforts, her insight, talent, and her society.


The tale has received a lot of national interest, prompting well-known people like Donald Trump Jr. to comment on it.

Trump Jr. tweeted on Wednesday,” In the meantime, we’ve got’ve another wacko far-left maniac (@ WinonaLaduke) having to resign for letting sexual harassment run rampant at @ HonorTheEarth, which I guess makes them kind of like the new @ ProjectLincoln( aka Predator Project ).”

These activists are some of the biggest fools they’ve ever’ve seen, according to a former Trump White House national who dealt with cultural issues.

The official remarked,” These are people who spend all their time telling some people how to live: what their prices may be, where they ought to be permitted to use natural resources, and deciding who’s good’s and good.” Come to learn that they are allowing this awful child to experience sexual harassment while doing nothing to stop it. Good fortune upholding the moral high ground!

The tribal leaders were excellent, always very good and advocating for their components, according to another former Trump White House official who already dealt with cultural challenges.

The national stated,” They believed this Winona Duke lady to be a fraud and an evil person.” Indeed, they are being shown to be correct.

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