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Fan Outrage Over Warhammer 40k’s Inclusion of Female Fighters

The summary describes the introduction of woke⁢ content by a publisher or developer ‍into nerdy source material, causing a ⁢stir among⁣ fans. Specifically, fans are protesting the addition ‍of female combatants to an all-male faction in Warhammer 40k. This ⁤news article ⁢can be found on The Western Journal website. The article⁣ discusses the⁢ introduction⁤ of woke content by a publisher or developer into nerdy source material, triggering backlash from fans. Particularly, fans are objecting to the integration of female combatants into an all-male faction within Warhammer 40k. This‌ story is available on The Western Journal ⁣website.

So, tell me if you’ve heard this one before. A publisher or developer in the nerdisphere slowly begins inserting woke content into their source material. A little changing of the […]

The post Fans Revolt When Warhammer 40k Retcons All-Male Faction to Force in Female Combatants appeared first on The Western Journal.

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