FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show NATO Delivering Military Equipment To Ukraine?

A video shared on Facebook claims to shows a train delivering North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military equipment to Ukraine.

Verdict: False

The video, filmed in 2012, shows a Canadian train transporting military equipment. There is no evidence the footage was taken in Ukraine or that the equipment was bound for Ukraine.

Fact Check:

Multiple NATO countries have shipped weapons, anti-tank missiles and other equipment to Ukraine as the country continues to fend off a Russian invasion, according to The New York Times. The U.S. is planning to send at least $10 billion in additional military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, VOA reported.

A video shared on Facebook shows a train carrying armored military vehicles and other supplies. The post’s caption reads, “FROM NATO WITH LOVE TO UKRAINE,” implying that the shipment is from NATO and bound for Ukraine.

The video predates the Russian invasion of Ukraine and was not taken in Europe. The letters “CN” are visible on the front and the side of the first few cars, which is the logo for the Canadian National Railway Company. Maps posted on the company’s website show that its rail connections are limited to North America. CN does not have any trains in Europe.

A reverse image search found that the video was originally shared on YouTube in 2012 by user astro955 with the title, “CN 2235, CN 8803 – Ultra Rare Canadian Military Train – Westbound – Lovekin, ON.”

[embedded content]

“Rare sighting of CN 2235 & 8803 moving a large division of the Canadian Armed Forces ground force equipment and some empty autocars westbound,” reads the video’s description. (RELATED: Did CNN Report That Vladimir Putin Warned India Against Interfering In The Invasion Of Ukraine?)

This is not the first time video of a train carrying military equipment has been incorrectly linked to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Check Your Fact recently debunked another video purportedly showing a train carrying military equipment to Ukraine.

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