FACT CHECK: Did Fox News Report Donald Trump Will Be Reinstated As President In August?

A post shared on Instagram claims Fox News reported former President Donald Trump will return to office Aug. 22.

Verdict: Misleading

While a host on Fox News did make a joke about Trump returning as president, there is no record of the outlet genuinely reporting that Trump will be back on Aug. 22. The joking remark does not represent an actual “report.”

Fact Check

Several baseless claims have circulated online in recent months that Trump would be returning as president. Previously, some supporters thought Trump would be inaugurated as president on March 4, according to Business Insider. More recently, CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell stated Trump would return to office on Aug. 13, the outlet reported.

An Aug. 16 Instagram post claims Fox News reported Trump “would be back” on Aug. 22. (RELATED: Did Fox News Report That ‘Joe Biden Has Been President For Nine Hours And 400,000 Americans Are Dead’?)

There is no record, however, of Fox News genuinely reporting on Trump’s supposed August return to the Oval Office. Check Your Fact checked Fox News’ website, YouTube Page and recent transcripts and only found one instance where a similar remark was made. In an Aug. 13 episode of “The Five,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld made a comment about Trump doing so in a light-hearted conversation with Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov.

“But yet, you are wearing red. Clearly this is a subliminal tribute to Donald Trump,” Gutfeld said to Tarlov. “Jessica, you realize — you realize you’ve made a mistake. It’s OK. It’s OK to admit you’re wrong. By the way, when Trump is reinstituted as president…”

“August 22nd,” Tarlov interjected.

It’s clear from the context surrounding the remark that Gutfeld meant it as a joke. Tarlov and Lawrence Jones can be seen smiling and laughing during the clip. Gutfeld’s sarcastic comment does not constitute a “report” in any sense.

If Fox News had actually reported that Trump would be taking over as president in August, other news outlets likely would have reported on it, yet none have.

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