FACT CHECK: Did Donald Trump Jr. Tell His Father’s Supporters Not To Come To Mar-A-Lago?


An image shared on Facebook claims former President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. told his father’s supporters not to come to Mar-a-Lago following a recent FBI search of the property.

The tweet is digitally fabricated. There is no record of Donald Trump Jr. making such a comment.

Trump supporters congregated outside his Mar-a-Lago residence shortly after the FBI raided the property on Aug. 8, according to ABC News. The FBI allegedly recovered classified documents during the search and also took three passports belonging to the former president before returning them, CBS News reported.

Now, a Facebook post appears to show a screen grab of a tweet from Trump Jr., advising supporters not to come to his father’s Mar-a-Lago residence. (RELATED: Did Donald Trump Appoint The Judge Who Approved The Mar-A-Lago Raid?)

“While my Father loves almost all his supporters, please do not come to Mar-a-Lago to support President Trump,” reads the purported tweet. “We have many important people coming through the club and need to keep it clean.”

A similar post was also shared on Facebook by comedian Kathy Griffin, who is well-known for a 2017 photo shoot depicting her holding a bloodied mask resembling the former president. “Yeah, lots of important spies and other violent felons will be dropping by quite a bit from now on,” the comedian remarked.

The tweet is digitally fabricated. Check Your Fact found no credible news reports to suggest the former president’s son made comments instructing his father’s supporters to stay away from Mar-a-Lago. The claim also does not appear on any of Trump Jr.’s verified social media pages.

The Twitter account that originally published the purported statement from Trump Jr. indicated that it was a parody, with the full screen grab listing the time of the alleged tweet’s publication as “6:99 AM.” The account itself identifies its images as satirical.

Check Your Fact has reached out to a spokesperson from Trump’s team for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

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