Fact Check: America Inspired the Insurrection in Brazil


Many U.S. media outlets suggest the recent Insurrection Brazil was inspired by January 6, 2021.

Who said it:

Politico, CNNThe, and New York Times. CNN anchor Jim Sciutto is back on air after being off-air for a while. Mysterious Leave of absence to address “personal situation,” Wondering what it would be like to live in a world without internet? “election denialism” Had become a “new U.S. export.” This was “not a wild question to ask,” Oliver Darcy, CNN reporter, in an article headlined “Déjà coup: How election lies sparked the violent attack on Brazil’s government.”

Notice: The headline of CNN is as catchy and misleading as it sounds. Experts We agree It is incorrect to refer to the January 6th uprising and the Brazilian insurrection as failed coups. They were unsuccessful autogolpes.

Why it is important:

Mainstream journalists are fixated on January 6, but they are profoundly ignorant about events that occurred before Barack Obama wore a tan suit in the White House briefing room.


In fact, there were quite a few political revolts that occurred before the 2021 storming of U.S. Capitol. This is a partial list of all the insurrections from human history (AD), that helped to prepare for January 6.

• Judas Uprising (Judea, 6)

• Mutiny of the legions (Germania, 14)

• Gaulish debtors’ revolt (Gaul, 21)

• Yellow Turban Rebellion (China, 184-205)

• Lady Triệu’s uprising (Vietnam, 248)

• War of the Eight Princes (China, 291-306)

• Uprising of the Five Barbarians (China, 304-316)

• Saxon Wars (Saxony, 772-804)

• Thomas the Slav’s Rebellion (Byzantine Empire, 821-823)

• First Rebellion of Bardas Phokas the Younger (Byzantine Empire, 969-970)

• Second Rebellion of Bardas Phokas the Younger (Byzantine Empire, 987-989)

• Hōgen Rebellion (Japan, 1156)

• The First Prussian Uprising (Pomerania, 1242-1249)

• First Scottish War of Independence (Scotland, 1296-1328)

• Battle of the Golden Spurs (Flanders, 1302)

• St. George’s Night Uprising (Estonia, 1343-1345)

• Transylvania peasants’ revolt (Hungary, 1437)

• Skanderbeg’s rebellion (Albania, 1444-1468)

• Rebellion of the Alpujarras (Spain, 1499-1501)

• The First Revolt of the Brotherhoods (Spain, 1519-1523)

• The Santo Domingo Slave Revolt (Dominican Republic, 1521-1522)

• The Bayano Wars (Panama, 1548-1582)

• The Prayer Book Rebellion (England, 1549)

• The Chichimeca War (Mexico, 1550-1590)

• Gaspar Yanga’s Revolt (Mexico, 1570-1618)

• The Croquant Rebellion (France, 1594-1595)

• The Cudgel War (Finland, 1596)

• The Bolotnikov Rebellion (Russia, 1606-1607)

• The Khmelnytsky uprising (Poland,

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